Agnihotra Yoga Retreat is a place for healing. We offer Authentic Yoga Retreats, Teacher Training programs, and Homa therapy in a highly energized atmosphere.

Yoga Retreats (5)

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Reviews (36)

Karen Barrett

from Great Britain, January 2020

"Relaxing and beautiful place"

The ashram is a beautifully quiet and calm place full of trees and nature, perfectly located next to the beach. Rakesh is a knowledgable and highly attentive instructor who made sure I had a really great stay. The Ayurvedic food is very healthy and tasty. The huts are basic but very clean and comfortable. Overall I would highly recommend if you want a relaxing and refreshing break.

Jana Abdulrahman

from India, October 2019

"Agnihotra will nurture you back into your true self"

This is an excellent retreat for anyone who is looking to ground, recenter and reconnect. Agnihotra offers diverse healing experiences: strengthening through hatha yoga, stillness through pranayama and meditation, expansion through gentle (but deep!) energy work, and return to self through powerful fire rituals every sunrise and sunset. Rakesh’s profound wisdom flows from the lived experience of a curious, intelligent, and insightful mind that relies on an incredibly loving heart to beautifully weave a wealth of knowledge into heart-centered, authentic spirituality. His answers display a deep and reflective understanding of meditation, pranayama, yoga, energy & ancient spiritual traditions. He checked in with me regularly to make sure I was prepared, comfortable & ready for everything that we shared together. He emanates loving kindness, and is incredibly generous with his time, willingness to share his knowledge & wisdom, and desire to compassionately support you through your return to true self. He is there for you if you’re processing some of your inner fears or doubts!

The food prepared by Shajitha is absolutely delicious. Even though the breakfast & dinner meals were pretty much the same every day, I found myself looking forward to each and every meal with a freshness of appreciation. The cottages are clean with simple yet comfortable beds; hot water is available. Thank you Rakesh for such a wonderful & resounding experience. I feel at home in myself again. Namaste (:

Lori White

from Canada, August 2019

"Love, Light, Peace"

The retreat was a good amount time and Rakesh offered a wonderful schedule of Mediations, yoga, healing, amazing food and scheduled outings. Rakesh offered guidance and assistance always during my journey and was very patient with his instruction. I loved my entire experience and I would definitely go back again one day! The light and love shared by Rakesh will be with me always and my time at Agnihotra has forever changed me and I am eternally grateful. 🙏Namaste🙏


from Great Britain, April 2019

"Yoga retreat"

The retreat was a wonderful experience that will always stay with me.

I left the retreat feeling much more at peace with my mind.

I was able to translate this stillness, clarity and acceptance to my every day stressors back at home.

Rakesh knowledge of Vedic ancient sanskrit was remarkable,

and really help to develop my meditative and yogic practice. I was able to be more introspective and access more parts of mind and be more open.

The healing session enabled me process and make sense of past difficulties’ and develop greater compassion for myself and others.

It was wonderful to be surrounded by coconut and cashew trees and be right next to the beach. I really enjoyed the walks on the beach and the cliff with all the shops.

The food was delicious and healthy yet very filling. It was great to see the positive physical effects the diet had on my body.

Rakesh went above and beyond to allow us to truly experience the local culture. I was blown away by one of the festivals he organised for us to see with the procession of elephants and drummers and the ever so friendly locals.

Thank you Rakesh for a wonderful experience.


from Australia, April 2019

Sara Moos

from Switzerland, March 2019

"Perfect Retreat"

I liked everything, from the facilities, to the food and of course the Yoga and Meditation practice. Rakesh is a very humble and kind person, a good teacher and excellent in answering all sorts of questions.

Nicola Field

from Thailand, February 2019

"Finding peace"

I spent 1 week at the retreat after originally signing up for 5 days. The retreat is a beautifully quiet location where you can feel immersed in nature. The accommodation is simple but very comfortable. I loved the meditation sessions and found Rakesh to be an intensely spiritual, gifted and kind man. The healing sessions are difficult to describe but I particularly found they had a powerful effect. There was structure to the day at the retreat but also plenty of free time in a laid back atmosphere. The food was fresh and delicious. I loved my week here and found a stillness within that I had not been in touch with for some while.

Rossella Siniscalco

from United States, February 2019

"Regenerating experience"

I loved the retreat itself for the energy of the instructor and the great location. Rakesh has always been caring, expiring and very open to dialogue on yoga, meditation or asana topics. In addition, he is very concerned for any of your material and spiritual need, and very committed to help you with them. I am a solo female traveler and I loved also the place: retreat center has security at the gate and the location outside is vibrant, with a short walk through coconut and banana grooves you can reach the beach and the cliff with all stalls, markets and cafés. In addition, if you are eager to have some indepth experience of Indian culture, Rakesh can suggest some events and help to arrange your participation. The room was also spotless clean, simple and comfortable. The food was freshly prepared daily, and was delicious.

Shiho Konno

from Thailand, January 2019

" Change the life "

I really feel here is a magical place. About Rakesh, he supports us such a return true self and give many information which we need in a life. Yes there is very simple facility, not luxury. But there is surround by beautiful nature, very friendly people... It’s true I got invaluable experience here. I never ever forget this experience.

Malaina Bishop

from United States, December 2018


I was rather apprehensive about this trip, being alone and never having done anything like this before. However, I was soon put the ease from the moment I was picked up at the airport. The driver was very friendly and informative.

Yoga: I was expecting to do more yoga. We did it once a day, in the morning. The sessions were good and I felt the benefits of the practice. One recommendation I would give is for Rakesh to do the yoga along with us, at least for the first few flows. It felt a bit stressful in the beginning trying to remember what to do next. Other than that, I felt very fresh afterward.

Fire Meditation: This was something completely new to me. I really enjoyed learning about the benefits of this fire. the mantras and chants we did and why we did them. I learned a lot during this. I asked a lot of questions and rakesh had known the answer for everything. These meditations are really amazing for the mind, and is something I continue to fo after leaving.

Healings: again, something new for me. I had heard of Reiki before but had never participated in it. We did some other Magnified and karma healings as well. And while I have to say that during the hearings I didnt feel any differently or understand exactly what was supposed to happen, I was healed mentally. There was something I shared with Rakesh that I wanted to be fixed and I wouldn't know if it worked until I came back home. And I am home and it completely worked!! I also felt that I got a deeper sense of joy.


from India, December 2018

"Healing, Grounding and Rejuvenating!"

I am grateful for this amazing experience!

The fire meditation, yoga, healing sessions, elephant farm visit, beach, home cooked food, nature, trees around the cottages, massage, everything was awesome! The host is knowledgable and always happy to answer questions.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to look inside, contemplate, find answers, heal and find a new meaning to life.


from India, December 2018

The accommodation was basic but sufficient and clean. The retreat was in beautiful, quiet, tranquil spot. Food was amazing and fresh (although the retreat is marketed as Ayurvedic food, however when asked about Ayurvedic food and body types as I don’t know anything about it, Rakesh says he is not qualified to tell us about it and only that the food suits all people..?!). The morning yoga was good. Massage excellent, Stella who did the massage was lovely.

Maria-esperanza Herrera

from United States, September 2018

"Life changing experience "

Rakesh Kumar healear, well of knowledge, wise and kind. Patient teacher.

Very committed to bring peace, companion and forgiveness to all beings.

Had a wonderful retreat I fully recommended

Sharndeep Uppal

from India, May 2018

"Excellent relaxed retreat"

Rakesh is a brilliant host. Everything from his mediation sessions, his yoga classes to his healing sessions were excellent and without fault.

Darshini Govindaraju

from United Arab Emirates, May 2018

"Just what I needed and more"

AgniHotra Yoga retreat was what i needed and more.

The 6 days was just perfect for me. Our host/instructor/healer Rakesh certainly was very knowledgeable about what he is doing and we did spend the evenings learning more about healing, yoga and meditation. He does have the patience to listen to you and give you the right guidance. The place - pure lush green! I was there during the low period so there was only 3 of us in total. This gave us time to dig deep into healing, yoga and meditation. The accommodation was clean and the food served was scrumptious yet VERY healthy.

Catherine Cooper

from Great Britain, May 2018

"A wonderful opportunity to relax, re-energise and renew"

From the moment I arrived Rakesh was warm and welcoming. The programme was arranged for each day (depending on the weather) and although I wasn't there for a whole 6 day retreat, Rakesh ensured that I received treatments and healing and excursions.

I couldn't have asked for more!

Deepa Vegesina

from Belgium, May 2018

"Perfect retreat"

The place was the perfect get away. The location is very good and just 5min walk to the sea. The yoga schedule was just right to have yoga classes and ample time for meditation. Rakesh is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher and took time to understand what I expected from the retreat. The additionals like the ayurvedic message and healing sessions were also very well organised. The food regime was also the right one for a good detox. All in all it was a very good experience and would definitely recommend this retreat.

Lachelle Amos

from India, May 2018

"Spectacular energetic investment"

Rakesh is an incredibly humble light-filled host with compassion emanating in all that he does. He is a great teacher and gifted energy healer, who takes the time to answer any questions that may arise and to listen to your experience of the sessions. He went above and beyond to make sure that I was happy with the accommodation, food, and the center. I really enjoyed all of the excursions he organized.

The Agnihotra Yoga Center is beautifully lush with cashew, coconut, jackfruit trees and more. About a five minute walk from the beach, the sounds of the waves are clear and strong. The food is very fresh and delicious!

The Agnihotra rituals, pranic and magnified healings are all very powerful! A week at the Agnihotra Yoga Center is a well-spent time of personal development, reflection, and healing!

Anna Abrams

from India, March 2018

"Learning to float"

Life’s distractions are taken out of your hands to create opportunity for change. Built on a terrace, it feels like you’ve stepped into a private garden. The sounds of nature here are incredibly soothing. I will never forget the way this place looks at night. The food is fresh and delicious. Things are organized in a way that requires planning and attention to detail. If you end up here it is not by accident and is an incredible gift. I came knowing I was carrying a bag of grief I was ready to set down. I still can't fathom how I end up here when I most need it. I unconsciously pick my favorite person, crawl in their lap and say, "Ok. Rip the band aid off.” I spend long periods of time in a hammock or lounge chair listening to birds and taking big, long, sweaty naps. I am vulnerable and soft again. After leaving the retreat and continuing my journey, I realize what I have decided to trade for my bag of grief: peace. The next day I am scuba diving and have the words from the fire ceremony in my head. Deep under the water's surface, the current is pulling the fish, the coral, and my body in a gentle sway and I can hear "shanti, shanti, shanti.” I've made peace with the important stuff being beyond my control or understanding. When you learn to swim, they teach you to tread water, swinging your arms and legs in a repeated motion. Once you are an advanced swimmer, you learn to relax your body, release your head way back into the water, and float. I'm finally learning to float.


from India, March 2018

The retreat is a very peaceful place. It’s close enough to the beach that you can hear the sea. The rooms are very clean and comfortable and the food was delicious. Rakesh was always concerned that everything was ok with my stay. He’s an excellent teacher and took time to explain a lot about meditation which was something I hadn’t done before. The retreat had a lovely calmness and I would definitely recommend it.

Kelly Shaw

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Know thyself... "

This is a place where you can go and learn a thing or two about yourself in a calm and incredibly relaxing atmosphere amongst a forest of palms and banana trees. Rakesh offers a safe and welcoming space to examine inner thoughts and emotions and gives you the time and support needed to really get in touch with yourself and any past issues that you feel may be holding you back in some areas of your life. I went with a healthy dose of cynicism as this was my first mediation experience. What I gained was a better understanding of an ancient vedic practice which in turn enabled me to slow down and take a step back from my usual chaotic and stressful life. I also learned that we cannot change overnight but with some insight and long overdue self love, perhaps the person we want to be can flourish (and that actually, perhaps we are already that person, it's just about observing the thought patterns which make us think about ourselves in certain ways). These are old habits and as we know, old habits die hard. Rakesh helps you to understand how to observe rather than resist or fight intrusive / unhelpful thoughts. He teaches well and he has a way of making you understand things that you may have read previously but never quite managed to click it all into place.

Helena Dahlgren

from Sweden, January 2018

"A spiritual retreat"

I loved the tranquil location among the trees with the beach within a short walking distance , the simple clean accommodation and the spirituality of the yoga shala and meditations. The yoga teacher Rakesh is very nice and shares his knowledge in a low-key, compassionate and wise way.

Yasemin Aslan

from India, October 2017

"Incredible healing experience"

It has been a very interesting and incredibly healing experience for me. I was feeling so powerless and had a deep grief and lack of will power when I arrived Rakesh's place. I arrived in the late evening and from the time I met him I felt I am in the right place.He is one of these people who leave and act as he believe and talk. He has a holistic open heart life approach for all living beings and he devote himself his healing and practice to help people who reach him. The fire meditations, yoga, his healing energy work, the organic ayurvedic food and his presence all together create a very powerful healing/empowering environment for those need any support, cleansing, retreat or healing... It was such a miraculous experience, in the 3rd day, suddenly I realised the grief I was feeling for a long time has gone.. I started feeling so balanced and clear and pure.. I have done lot of similar work before but this was one of the very powerful transforming experiences I have every experienced. The yoga sessions were also so powerful and healing.. I learned so much from him in 6 days and at the moment I am doing my yoga teacher training and using the knowledge I gained from him already.. He is very pure, balanced, supportive and knowledgeable person and he has a very powerful energy. I wish I was able to spend more time with him. I will definitely revisit him in his new place opening in a farm.


from South Korea, October 2017

"Excellent Yoga and Meditation Education/Practice"

The location was perfect, close to the town and beach. And the accommodation was very comfortable with excellent food and peaceful meditation spaces.

Sandrine Vannier

from France, March 2020

"Parfaite retraite dans un vrai havre de paix!"

Cette retraite a été une vraie parenthèse pour se ressourcer et se reconnecter à l'essentiel, à soi, dans un petit paradis sur terre plein d'énergie positive! Une semaine parfaite de moments précieux partagés! Rakesh est une personne bienveillante au cœur en or, désireux de partager ses connaissances, de vous enseigner le yoga, la méditation et vous aider à vous reconnecter à vous-même et à l'essentiel. Nous avons découvert la nourriture ayurvédique qui est également très bonne et savoureuse. Je recommande absolument!!

Daisy Van Rixel

from United States, April 2019

"One of the best experiences of my life!"

It's literally back to basic in the most peaceful place in nature. Just surrounded by trees en the sounds of the birds and animals around. Three times a day we eat and the food is delicious, every day the same but I never got bored. The bed is a bit hard but that was great for my back. I always wake up with back pain but now I didn't. Rakesh is a very wise, friendly and patient yogi. I have learned a lot from him and am very thankful to meet him and this retreat. I was a complete yoga and meditation beginner but I loved it from the start to the end. This little peaceful place has a place in my heart. Would recommend it to everyone!

Tripsta Le Tallec

from France, February 2019

"Didn't get what excepted, BUT didn't expect what I got 🙂"

The place is beautiful, full of trees, simple but way enough and clean little houses, lots of birds.. close to the best spot of the beach (in my opinion). The way to the beach is magic.

Food is healthy and very good, but be prepared to a proper Ayurvedic, healthy but frugal food. It will help you to detoxify and save your body from energy wasting by digesting. But you might feel hungry sometime or a bit frustrated (also I eat quite a lot) because the meals are always the same. But you will feel the benefits after few days.

Méditation, activities, energy healing and massage are very good.

Don't hesitated to ask Rakesh all the questions you have in mind, he has a lot to say.

Thank you 😊

Margit Ott

from Austria, February 2019


Das gesamte Retreat war wunderschön. Viel Ruhe,hochwertiges ayurvedisches Essen. Rakesh ist ein ganz besonderer Mensch und hat mir viel auf den Weg mitgegeben. Die Lage ist toll,der Strand ist sozusagen um die Ecke. Sehr empfehlenswert.


from Switzerland, January 2019

J ai beaucoup apprécié les cérémonies du feu et les séances de méditation.

Les séances de Pranic Healing étaient très bien et c est une approche intéressante

Alexandra Benz

from Spain, December 2018

"Buena experiencia"

El lugar está situado en un sitio con mucha tranquilidad, rodeado de naturaleza.

El alojamiento es básico pero suficiente y limpio.

Las clases de Rakesh tanto de meditación como de yoga son buenas y se aprende mucho, sobre todo en las de meditación con el ritual de los fuegos.

La comida es excelente, muy sabrosa y muy sana.

Las actividades que se pueden realizar son variadas y todas interesantes.

Yo estuve 6 dias y la verdad es que me marché sintiendome muy bien.

Michèle Fretz

from Switzerland, October 2018

Schon beim betreten des Agnihotra Yoga Retreat spürt man die gute Energie und die friedvolle Atmosphäre. Der perfekte Ort um seine Batterien aufzuladen, in sich zu gehen, neue Wege zu entdecken. Rakesh ist ein wundervoller Mensch und toller Lehrer. Er führt das Retreat mit viel Hingabe und hat immer Zeit für Gespräche und persönliche Anliegen. Die frühmorgendlichen Yoga-Lektionen sind fordernd, machen aber richtig Spass und man startet mit viel Energie in den Tag. Was das Essen betrifft habe ich hier mein veganes Paradies gefunden. Auch nach zwei Wochen hatte ich nicht genug vom ayurvedischen Essen. Hier findet man Friede und Glück.

Marine Lemee

from India, March 2018

"Très bien!"

La méditation dans le shala était exceptionnel, rakesh est un excellent gourou

Victoria Böhland

from United States, February 2018

Rakesh was the best teacher i ever had :) he has Great Knowledge and gives Everything from his Heart. He has a Light within and Really wants to Share all this With the People and the World. I could Feel his positiv Energies every day a bit more. I am so thankfull for Everything he did to us from the beginning to the last Second!! And i just recommend it to do this retreat there. The Place is fantastic,the rooms Very Clean and nice and the schedule the best mixture out of freetime,excursions,Delicious food,asanas,Meditation,Healing,Personal Talks :)

I just Thank you so much for Everything you give to us which will Stay within us also After and outside of your wonderful retreat!!!!!