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Sogamoso, Colombia

Agama Yoga offers comprehensive workshops and retreats about the knowledge of asanas, pranayama, meditation, and Tantra yogic philosophy.

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28 Days Intensive Yoga Retreat in Sogamoso, Colombia

Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun, 2018

Instruction language: English

from US$670

Excellent 10/10

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from US$670
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28 days / 27 nights

Excellent 10/10

Based on 1 review

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Juan Ananda

Juan has received teachings and techniques from Swami, to have practiced and verified their efficiency, especially within his studies of such topics as the yamas and niyamas, Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, the great cosmic powers, Kundalini yoga, sexuality in Tantra, Kashmiri Shaivism, Shambhala, the life of Jesus, the art of dying, and others.

Reviews 1

  • Perry Fisher Argentina

    May 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Juan is very knowledgeable and is a great resource for having all questions answered. Karolin is also a wonderful teacher. Together they made the workshop very informative and worthwhile.

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    • Cristina V

      TripAdvisor Website

      Life changing experience!! Try to go if you are in the zone, maybe experience a couple of days and see if it's for you. But don't miss the chance to try this, totally worth it!! Yoga is a wonderful gift for everyone, including children and elders

    • Emil F

      TripAdvisor Website

      I came to Agama Yoga, Juan and his Finca to do a 5 day tantra yoga workshop. And I stayed for one whole month of my 3 months travel time in Columbia to work as a Volunteer to take care of this beatiful flower paradise. The dogs. The chicken. The rabbits. The goat and the peacock. In this time I went for awesome hicking tracks in the paramont with juan and a bunchlot of other guys. And to an awesome rainforest waterfall. Juan suported me a lot on my spiritual path as a man. And I decided afterwards to fly arround the whole world to become a Agama Yoga teacher in the Agama main branch in Thailand. Thanks for Everything. Awesome.

    • Gretchen Sweden

      TripAdvisor website

      Spent a month at this lovely place and learned more about myself than ever. You can go just to relax, see the surroundings, do yoga, volunteer whatever you feel like is there. But you might get stuck a while - just a heads up.

    • Aki V. Venezuela

      Trip Advisor website

      After focusing on other energetic approaches and not actively doing yoga for a few years, I got a opportunity for it as we were traveling in Colombia. Nowadays many yoga retreats don't appeal to me as they tend to be expensive and set in the spa-like environments and serve mostly to clientele which is fit and good looking, or go to the other end and be just too hippy for my taste. I know there's a LOT of good stuff going on, this just being a very rough generalization.Agama offered us a month of training with the same value as many people charge for few days course. Agama also offered highly energetic approach to yoga which I was very interested. The practice in Agama is way different from any style of yoga I've tried. Agama's approach is strictly energetic and aiming for nothing less than self-realisation. I personally found Agama's "educational approach" a bit too etheric, as I'm more interested in developing here and now than worrying about the next lives. But as one of the teachers said, just take in what you feel comfortable with and don't worry about the rest.There was some stuff in the approach I failed to comprehend. According to my understanding you can't reap gains of the practice if the asana isn't anatomically correct. Otherwise I could be doing just about anything while waiting for the self-realisation to hit, right? I felt that this part was neglected in Agama. After the short initial brief on the asana there is very little attention to your posture. The teachers also spent a fair amount of time boasting about how other hatha yoga schools have re-invented yoga and reduced it to mere aerobics, which I found a bit tacky and unspiritual.Many other spiritual practices, a diet that includes meat, occasional cigarette or a beer will also be condemned to Davy Jones's locker. I don't know why, but from my part this is very typical to many yogis, not just in Agama but in general. This is also one of the reasons I've always felt more comfortable with people who focus on meditation, Qiqong or such.If you've found the solution for yourself and truly believe in it, I see no point of trying to prove it for the rest of the world. Why not just be content while understanding that in five years of time you'll probably see things differently and that your truth is not for the rest of the world? Even though I found their attitude in general a bit too judgemental and narrow, I have to say that I absolutely loved my time in Agama.I was sure that I will suffer some kind of health problems while pushing the asanas too fast, too hard and too long, but in the end my body has never felt better and balanced. In Agama asana is not the synonym for yoga (bless) but just a small part of the bigger picture. The teachers being so extreme was also a good reminder of my believe in Tao which runs in the middle.Juan, who is the main teacher is highly charismatic and very passionate about the life and spirituality in general, and has a great insight and ability to bind things from different aspects of life together. A great teacher. The finca in itself is set in beautiful surroundings and will give you possibility to see the rural life of Colombia in it's purest form. Short busride from finca makes you feel like going back in time.As most of the fruit and veg is grown in Boyaca, they are also ample and cheap in Colombian terms. Evenings and mornings are a bit too cold for my taste. For me it took a lot of time to get over the resistance towards the Agama approach, and I think I could've benefited a lot more if I would've just let go earlier and took the teaching as it is.They did tell it to me in the beginning as I remember one teacher reciting "you're not here to change Agama, Agama is here to change you" but apparently I wasn't listening. There is a lot of very powerful stuff done during the months training, and I can highly recommended "First Level Intensive" to people with all levels of experience.

    • Bridget United Kingdom

      Trip Advisor website

      I spent a month at Agama Colombia when the school first opened. It is a small school and so there was opportunity to work very closely with the teachers and other students. The course is comprehensive and detailed. You learn only one new pose each day which means you master it properly, and also about its health benefits.By the end of the month you have all the knowledge you need to practice yoga independently at home. As well as 4 hours a day of yoga practice there are lectures in the evening which cover topics like the yamas and niyamas, different schools of yoga such as karma yoga and health or purity practices, meditation and more.Sogomosa, where the school is located, is not exactly an attraction, however there is a lot to see in the surrounding countryside like mongui, natural hot springs, a walk through oceta de paramo, hiking to the edge of a beatiful waterfall, and the lake. It is an area rich in history as one of the oldest groups of native colombians are from here and i would encourage people to learn their stories too. Highly recommended for anyone interested in yoga, new or experienced. Very reasonably priced too.

    • Adriana Switzerland

      Trip Advisor website

      We spent five days at Finca San Pedro with my brother and his family (wife and 3 young adults) and my Mom. It was their very first time yoga and they loved it. Juan is a very good teacher (I have done many yoga workshops in the past), he explains things easily and he is willing to correct your postures and give the best possible advices to take the most benefit out of yoga.Finca San Pedro is a beautiful place, we enjoyed the walks, the visits in the area, the beauty of the scenery. Beautiful peaceful place to be.

    • Fernandas Torres Brazil

      Trip Advisor website

      Agama Yoga Colombia is a truly jewel. It is located in the beautiful Finca San Pedro, a very calm place surrounded by some very nice mountains. Is a very traditional school, which offers the ancient tantric knowledge.My experience there transformed myself in a deep way. Was amazing. The teachers are great! Very prepared and they were always there to answer my questions, help me with my doubts, or anything.I can only say good things about the school, and I doubt that there are many places like this in this world.

    • Alfredo

      Trip Advisor website

      My name is Alfredo, I am a 19 year old mexican travelling around South America and decided to stay at Finca San Pedro for a month to do these two courses. At first I arrived at Finca San Pedro for complete different purposes and just entered a class out of simple curiosity and since the first day was free.I had never done yoga before and to be honest, I had a negative image of this practice. However, the feeling I got after my first class and the evening lecture convinced me that the best decision I could make was to wait for the next course to start and do it completely. The classes were even better once you got to practice regularly and the information I received is invaluable. The approach to yoga in this school is extremely different to any other school I have ever heard of.The physical practice is always attached to exercises of the mind and always focused in a spiritual way. And even if I wasn't so into spirituality, I enjoyed every class of this amazing course. Due to lack of time and other problems, the Tantra Workshop was made in the middle of the course and interrupted the rhythm of the Yoga Course, which was unfortunate. Apart from that, the workshop was given in four days instead of five and therefore, the workshop was too intense for me.Still, I found it really interesting and I feel glad I had the opportunity to do such a thing. Outside the classes, I volunteered at the Finds doing some "Karma Yoga" at the garden, which was also a good experience. Besides, living at the Finca with the other students was a beautiful complement to the course. I fully recommend both courses to those who are looking for something new, no matter what you think this might be.

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