Adi Yogpeeth is one of the most prominent and promising yoga schools in Rishikesh, which conducts certified courses.

Yoga Retreats (29)

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Videos (28)

Instructors (9)

Pandit Mandeep Ji

Yogini Prem Varsha Ji

Yogi Siddha Ji

Yogi Kapil Ji

Dr. Hemlata Saklani Bahuguna

Yogi Kannan Ji

Yogi Kushagra Ji

Yogini Aarti Ji

Yogini Monika Pundir

Reviews (24)

Safaa Alhissi

from Saudi Arabia, March 2021

"beneficial and enjoyable course"

Thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed every minute of your classes. I truly appreciate your time you spent teaching me.

Special thanks for teachers:

Monika Pundir and Gaurav.

Monika is a very good and kind teacher, her pranayama and meditation classes were very useful and beneficial.

Also, Gaurav is a nice teacher and his Asana classes were helpful and joyful.


Sally Willis

from United Kingdom, March 2021

"Amazing Short Course"

I completed my 200YTT about a year ago, and I was looking for a refresher course. I had been recommended this online, 6 days course by a friend, and I was certainly not disappointed. We covered asanas, pranayama and meditation each day, and it filled the gaps in my knowledge perfectly. I was the only person booked on for this week, so I had the pleasure of one-on-one sessions. In addition, the team totally rearranged the schedule so I would be able to attend all classes before I started work, which was so helpful. I would recommend to anyone - and a big thank you to Monika and Subhash.

Sarah Cha

from France, February 2021

"Amazing live training"

Since travel is complicated due to Covid20 I decided to enroll online, and the least I can say is that the 200 hour teacher training went beyond my expectations! The live schedule was intense but very well structured and paced (also very convenient for european time zone). Teachers were all very supportive and generous with their knowledge, own experience and time. The main advantage of this course was the ability to interact with the teachers 6 hours a day, making it easier to follow through, to bring any question on the table and get their deep insights as well as practical lifestyle advise. I definitely recommend!

Nicola Bull

from United Kingdom, January 2021

"EXCELLENT online yoga course!!!"

The course was delivered over 6 days (4 hours per day). The fact that it was live made the experience so much more beneficial as it got me motivated and I had a proper schedule to follow. Each day starts with Asana practice, then a class based Pranayama session, followed by the meditation session. I found the variety of teaching styles (mainly face-to-face guided teaching and meditation and a few takeaway videos) great as this is what would be expected if I was actually there in person. Although most of us would wish we could be there in person, in this current climate this is most certainly as good as you can get as an alternative, as you are still able to ask questions and interact with the teachers (whilst imaging you are in India with them!). The benefit of it being online is that you can keep the recordings and so I am now going over the sessions to remind myself of techniques which is so helpful.

With regards to value for money this is absolutely fantastic. I was the only person on this particular week’s session and therefore I got 1-1 tuition from two extremely knowledgeable teachers. Both Monika and Subhash were so polite and are experts in their field.

It is clear the teachers are able to adapt to your level whether you practice yoga for pleasure or are a professional yoga teacher. This course has not only really helped me improve my yoga practice and achieve to the next level, but great for my physical and mental well-being.

HIGHLY recommend :)

Evelyn Clemons

from Germany, January 2021

"Amazing Course - can only reccomend"

The whole course was really amazing. Better than I imagined or expected, with lots of patience on the side of the teachers being very knowledgeable. Many contact hours. I feel that I have progressed so much in such a short amount of time and will continue on my Journey. Thank you for this beautiful life enriching experience.

Paula Kampmann

from Germany, January 2021

"Would recommend for sure!"

This teacher training was my first and since it was online I didn't know what to expect, but the training really exceeded my expectations. It is very intense if you follow every class daily but I think this is the best way to learn. The teachers are all very knowledgeable, kind and always making sure everyone understood what was being taught. The communication with the coordinator throughout was great and the fact that we could communicate with every teacher on whatsapp always made me feel supported. I now feel like I have a much better understanding of what Yoga is, how to practice it and ways to incorperate it into my daily life. I feel confident sharing my knowledge with others and look forward to where this Yoga journey will lead. Thank you to everyone involved I look forward to coming to Rishikesh and meeting you all!! Definetely recommend AdiYogpeeth and have recommended them to friends already :)

Daria Manzi

from Italy, January 2021

"I recommend this course with AdiYogPeeth! best out there!!"

I'm very satisfied and enthusiastic with this training. Even if it was online and I couldn't be there, I felt so engaged by the teachers everyday, they are very patient, kind, acknowledged and committed.

I feel I've been lucky to join the live session everyday, it is a busy schedule to follow but it worth it! The 6 hours live was the best part, because taking an online training is not easy, and the daily classes meant a lot for me...very supporting and motivating !!

I joined this course to learn about the traditional yoga, and, for being the first teacher training, I'm very satisfied with what I've learned...I feel more aware about the practice. I think it is very complete and well structured. The management of the school is excellent, they used to send us class recordings day by day and I found it very useful, especially because we can use them to practice and review things after the course completion.

The topics I enjoyed mostly were Philosophy, Ayurveda and Anatomy!

I'm glad to have found out this school and looking forward to come in Rishikesh to meet you all:) THANK YOU

Letizia Chiarore

from France, January 2021

"Excellent way to do the 200 hours ytt from home, I recommend"

I was first kind of sceptical to do my 200hrs ytt online as I was meant to do it in India. But the knowledge I got from this training is more than my expectations. It is well balanced between theory and practice. I always started my days with lot of pleasure and happiness. All the teachers are very knowledgeable and available to reply to any questions during the classes and even after thanks to WhatsApp. All the classes are very interesting and complete each other (hatha yoga, ashtanga, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, Ayurveda, anatomy). It is very intense and can be hard to cumulate with other activities (job, family...) but it is really worth it and anyone that want to train to yoga should do it. I highly recommend!

Bonnie Warnars

from Netherlands, December 2020

"best online yoga training!!"

my teacher Monika is just amazing! everyday after sharing her knowledge she gave a a question to consider and gave the opportunity to make a homework assignment from everyday class.

in this way I could also really add these new things what I learnt in only a week .. in teaching in these extra health care environments (I am a volunteer in terminal health care, so this training was also for my to see how yoga could be a part of my other job)

i am really really positieve about this training!!! and I wished it was longer then 6 days!!!

Kawashima Hiro

from France, December 2020

"Wonderful experience "

All the learning was wonderful by excellent teachers. Each teacher was very knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. Adding to it, the admin was always there to help us. Great experience. Thank you again for all the students, teachers, and admin :)

Yassine Lachheb

from Belgium, December 2020

"Discovering and learning the principles of yoga from home"

I took a long time to decide before choosing my yoga teacher training program, i wanted to go to India to take the training but due to the covid situation i could not.

After a long research, Adiyogpeeth was my final decision and i think was the best decision ever.

I was afraid of taking the classes online in the beginning as it's not the same experience but with Adiyogpeeth i was in india through the classes.

We had classes on zoom every day except on sunday, covering all aspects of yoga, i have learnt so many things that i didn't know before and that's already a big win for me.

The zoom classes were really interesting, all the teachers taking the time to explain and help us through all the learning.

The fact that the zoom classes were live we could at any time ask the questions and even if we could not be present, they sent us all the replay and they were avalaible for any questions on whatsapp

I will not say that it was easy having class from 10 ( europe time ) to 18H but if you want to be a yogi teacher all the classes are meant for that

i want to finish this review by saying thank you to all Adiyogpeeth team, all the teachers kushagra, kanna ji and all the rest of the team for all the knowledge, their kindness and for giving us the chance to take this online teacher training.

i will never forget this experience and i hope one day to be able to visit and practice with them in India.



Daniela Hoff

from Spain, November 2020

"Highly recommended!"

Very good training. Teachers are very knowledgeable, very kind and generous. Highly recommend this training!! Thank you!

Riley Lungmus

from United States, October 2020

"I loved my experience with the online certification. "

I only just finished the tracking certification and loved every hard earned minute of it. It was long, it was tough, but the teachers who guided us were very professional, very helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

I really loved how all the classes were live, even though we had the option to view recordings after if he wanted. My partner and I woke up each morning at 2am to be there for the live sessions and I'm so glad we were. We really committed to the schedule and I think it we hadn't, we would've fallen behind and never caught up.

We really studied a lot more than just yoga. Of course three-four hours of our day were spent on practical study but we also learned a lot about ayurvedic science and yogic philosophy.

An excellent deal for the money with excellent teachers.

Bree Crandy

from United States, October 2020

"Amazing and Fulfilling Experience"

I honestly can't say enough about this course. It greatly exceeded my every expectation!

The most important elements to me were the live sessions. While they also offered recordings of all the lessons, it's an intense course with about six hours of classes per day, six days a week. I found that the live sessions helped to keep me committed, motivated, and accountable to the instructors and my classmates.

There are different instructors for each topic, and they are all incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. It's clear that they're experts in their respective subjects.

I learned a tremendous amount and had a lot of fun during the process.

The course included about a 50/50 split between theory and practical lessons, and the subjects covered a wide breadth of topics resulting in a full and well rounded curriculum of yoga philosophy and practice, ayurvedic science, anatomy and physiology, pranayama, and mediation. In addition to this, there were student teaching segments, where we taught classes in philosophy, yoga asanas, and pranayama and meditation.

I feel like I'm taking away a much better and more accurate understanding of yoga as a holistic philosophy and practical methodology, and the confidence to share it with others.

Julie Settle

from United Kingdom, October 2020

"One to One "

The fact that i could do the course at a time to suit me


from United Kingdom, October 2020

"Very Educative Online Experience "

Everything was amazing! Asana classes been very focused on right alignments, and I have learned so much how to enter the Pose to get most of it also been shown options for inflexible Yogis or people with injuries , which was great! In 6 days my body have really open.

Pranayama and Meditation classes was so lovely, I have learned everything what was missing on my 200hr YYT , and teachers was going so deep into the details leaving us with no doubts how to do it properly.

I definitely will be back for another retreat. Thank you very much for all what you have teach me ! Namaste.

Freddy Rouw

from Netherlands, September 2020

I liked the interactive in stead of one way information stream and the teachers can explain very well and give good personal advices which gives clear direction in the modern yoga jungle. Many thanks for everything;)


from Italy, August 2019

"What experience!"

It wasn’t only about yoga it was a journey into the unknown. A lot of thinks new to learn , a teaching method different from expected but efficient to understand, new thoughts generated from all of this learnt, the semplicity , kindness and graces of every instructor.... it’s also a journey into yourself and your limits. It’s a challenge with u. Your tiredness, your acceptance. It was a very intensive course but it was worth to do!

Bérénice Omez

from France, February 2021

"Great online training"

Formation très enrichissante, malgré l'intensite, toujours ravie de me lever pour avoir cours à distance. Chaque jour était un pas de plus, et c'est le rythme et le professionnalisme des professeurs qui permet ces progrès. La seule chose que je regrette c'est de n'avoir pu me rendre sur place à cause de la pandémie.

Merci encore pour cette expérience, je recommande.

Great training, always happy to follow the online lessons. The intensity of the course, professionalism and passion of the teachers are what allows progress all along the course, I definitely recommand, thanks again !!

The only thing I regret is to not have been able to come to India to follow it because of the pandemia.