Adhiroha is one of the best schools for residential YTT programs in Rishikesh, India. We provide traditional yoga training with an authentic teaching styles.

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28 Day 300-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar, 2021–2022
    from US$1,449
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    Instructors (5)

    Shankar Das

    Gayatri Kopalle

    Jagjeet Singh



    Reviews (6)

    Hailey Covello

    from India, March 2020

    "Peaceful Paradise"

    This place was a lucky find for me. I didn’t think it was real when I found it online, but I’m so happy I gave it a chance anyway. From the moment I arrived I knew I had found a small slice of heaven just a few minutes away from the noise and construction of rishikesh.. With the water running through the grounds, all you hear is sounds of a waterfall and quietness of the jungle around. Every now and then you can see wild peacocks, black friendly monkeys, and deer in the yard.. and everyday the owners big cuddly dog comes out to greet you. Without this place I don’t think I would have found rishikesh peaceful.. Adhiroha was the perfect escape for me to practice yoga, meditation and find peace within. And on top of that, the teachers were so kind and attentive with tons of knowledge to share. Thank you again !

    Vasiliy Ovchinnikov

    from United States, February 2020

    "Life changing experience! :)"

    It's kinda hard to create an environment, where people can actually surrender, focus and merge into themselves.. This place is definitely one of those.

    This is a perfect example of how good yoga retreat must be organised.. you'll get challenging experience, but you'll never feel tired there! Schedule of classes is overthought with pure understanding of the process, teachers will push you just enough, so you will progress everyday without any injuries..sure you will feel fulfillment from it. Plus.. it's really quiet there. Morning pranayama and evening meditation.. you'll actually feel shanti there) It's really awesome experience. Don't miss it. Enjoy (;

    And thank you again, to everyone from there!

    Cheenee Marie Sotto

    from India, January 2020

    "An excellent place to meditate and do yoga"

    I love the place its so quiet,surrounded with mountains and with a very relaxing water sound. Its good for hiking and 20-30 mins from this place there is a falls. The rooms are spacious even the CR. The Yoga Hall is very wide with glass wall that you can enjoy the view of the mountains around it. There is a pool if you want to dip. Pity, its very cold so I cannot swim during my stay. The food was great, so tasteful and Sir Sajan (the cook) is very nice. Sir Mohit (Pranayama and Meditation Teacher) is very gentle and nice, he instruct in a meditative way. Sir Jaggi (Philosophy Teacher) is very knowledgeable with the subject that he will make you understand the Philosophy in the simplest way because he has a master of Philosophy and even Aryurveda. Sir Pankaj (Mantra and Body Opening Teacher) will teaches so well the mantra and the pronunciation of sanskrit words and in 30 mins body opening he will focus on one pose and bring you there with a few sequence. Sir Ankur (Hatha Teacher) is very good in alignment that you will learn the correct way of doing the posture. Ma'am Parveen (Anatomy Teacher) teaches the effects on our body while doing Yoga. Sir Sagar (Ashtanga Teacher) makes me love Ashtanga and I am so comfortable to do advance poses with him without even knowing I did it because the flow is excellent. Gayatri and Saurabh (owner) are very nice and you can ask them to buy the things you need.With these experience I decided to attend a 500-Hour course.

    Didier Baron

    from India, January 2020

    "Great experience in probably the best greenapl in Rishikesh "

    First, i did enjoy the very quiet and green place (no noise at all during the night), second, the quality of the teaching with a special mention for Pankaj who has spent 8 years in an ashram : I plan to come back for a 500 hours TTC even i am already a 500 hours teacher from SRI-MA

    Third, every one was very nice and did the max for my stay be perfect

    I love hiking in the mountains and as the center is directly in Green Rishikesh Valley, it was very easy and pleasant for me to walk in very beautiful nature and waterfalls

    It's sure ADHIROHA will often see me and probably my family and friends too : the place is so "Unique!" 👌

    Reka Torok

    from India, January 2020

    "retreat in mountain"

    I’m a frequent traveler to Rishikesh and have stayed at quite a few yoga schools in the past. However on this visit I chose Adhiroha as my yoga destination and wow I never imagined such a beautiful place existed in Rishikesh. Awesome yoga school surrounded by mountains with mountain spring water flowing through makes you feel like you are dropped into nature’s lap. The property is big and spacious with beautiful rooms. Very peaceful and silent, There is no noisy barking dogs or traffic sounds. The sound of water and nature is so soothing and peaceful. Excellent school especially for yoga and meditation. When the weather is warm it’s blissful to take a dip in the natural pool. Learning from Experienced teachers have given me deeper insight to the concepts of yoga. Hatha & Astana classes are invigorating. Warm lovely hosts and delicious food makes your stay all the more worthwhile.