Adelene Cheong

London, United Kingdom

Adelene is a registered senior yoga teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance UK and teaches classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher training throughout London, United Kingdom.

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  • Bridget Stacey Europe

    Relax and Restore website

    Adelene's classes are a vital part of my week. She teaches the incredibly important benefits of drawing inward and finding an inner awareness and alignment as well as allowing and acknowledging the body's power to heal itself. She teaches subtly profound classes with a light touch, making yoga accessible and enjoyable for all. By taking the time out of the busy schedule to attend her class I return back to it with vigor.

  • Amanda Europe

    Relax and Restore website

    Adelenes approach is gentle but informative. The poses she showed us were simple but extremely effective - I could feel the tension melting away and was able to breathe fully into my upper back for the first time in ages! Ive been doing the practice at home and finding it hugely beneficial to say the workshop fee was money well spent is an understatement!

  • Sue Byrne Europe

    Relax and Restore website

    I am very grateful to you Adelene for designing a course specifically for people with back problems. I have been put off doing yoga for years because I had to sit out so much of each class. It was wonderful to re-connect with yoga through a very sensitive and knowledgeable teacher and learn to enjoy yoga again. And the most important thing is that my back is feeling the benefit so that makes me feel much better. A long way for me to go still but now I feel I am on my way. Thank you Adelene.

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