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4 Days Yoga and Natural Retreat in Pyrenees, Spain

  • Sant Aniol Valley, Pyrenees, Spain

4 Days Yoga and Natural Retreat in Pyrenees, Spain

  • Sant Aniol Valley, Pyrenees, Spain

Wild Nature Retreat in Pyrenees, Spain

Adventure experiences in wild places have the power to change the way we think and feel. These experiences often lead to positive personal transformations that improve our relationships with each other and our environment. It is Active Earths primary aim to support these transformations through inspirational outdoor programs. Solo in Wild Nature is a magical and potentially transformative experience - something people often choose to do again and again. It is about making space to slow down, reflect and re-energize, away from everyday life.

<strong>Solo as the main feature</strong>

This is a retreat based on an age-old tradition of time alone in nature. The essence of the programme is a 24 hut solo - a deep, carefully hosted time completely alone around this. Around this, time is spent on walks, practicing yoga, swimming, eating beautiful meals and more. In the scenic Aniol Valley, you will have an open opportunity to reconnect yourself with the nature. Feel the power of wild places and let it recharge yours. Relax, enjoy the calm atmosphere and let peace and serenity flow through your mind.

<strong>Join us in a new experience of yoga practice</strong>

We do practice yoga at different points of the program. You can also practice as much as you like in the beautiful wild spaces while you are on your solo. It's really a wonderful experience, so if you are looking to make space away from everyday life it's definitely worth a look. The most important thing for Active Earth is to host it in a way that is meaningful for everyone that comes. This experience can be provided for all people with a basic level of physical fitness. We also provide all instruction and support required. You wont need any prior experience of physical activities in the wild.


  • Instructions from professionals
  • Discussion and group session on ecology
  • An unforgettable reflective experience in the wild
  • Reconnection with self, with others and with nature
  • Outdoor activities ranging from hiking to yoga
  • Daily home cooked meals included
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Local transfer included
  • 3 days with instruction
  • English


  • Review by Camiel Bernards from Spain
    10 out of 10

    "The solo program at Active Earth was an amazing learning experience. The first days we hiked in the beautiful Sant Aniol valley and got familiar with the surroundings and each other. Also we learned more about being in presence and how human emotions work. After a yoga session and a delicious meal I went up to my amazing solo spot. Experiencing fears, emotions, happiness and connection with wild nature gave me the possibility to bring the learned theories into practice. This combination was very powerful for me. It gave me profound insights of what I was forgotten during my hectic life back home. Now I am definitely more connected to myself and my surroundings and it feels great :-). I wish everybody to have the unique solo experience. Andres and Korbi thanks a lot! "

    Active Earth website, edited