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Catalonia , Spain

Active Earth provides amazing spaces and experiences to help people find presence, connection and change.

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  • Camiel Bernards Spain

    Active Earth website

    The solo program at Active Earth was an amazing learning experience. The first days we hiked in the beautiful Sant Aniol valley and got familiar with the surroundings and each other. Also we learned more about being in presence and how human emotions work. After a yoga session and a delicious meal I went up to my amazing solo spot. Experiencing fears, emotions, happiness and connection with wild nature gave me the possibility to bring the learned theories into practice. This combination was very powerful for me. It gave me profound insights of what I was forgotten during my hectic life back home. Now I am definitely more connected to myself and my surroundings and it feels great :-). I wish everybody to have the unique solo experience. Andres and Korbi thanks a lot!

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