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Acroyoga Italia

Acroyoga Italia offers yoga retreats, Acroyoga classes, and Thai massage training in Italy.

Instructors 4

Heidi Blais

Heidi specializes in the development of innovative partnering based on principles of alignment and breath inspired by her practice of Ashtanga yoga and slacklining. As a teacher, Heidi loves to witness the panoply of students’ expressions as they experience their bodies in new ways. She draws from her background as an architect to structure her classes and guide movers from a wide variety of disciplines into partnering, from foundational technique, through to creation and choreography.

Jill Campbell

A long-time yoga practitioner, and an appreciator of movement, art, and dance, Jill began a journey that has brought her community, travel, and connection, not to mention strength, balance, and flexibility. She considers AcroYoga a moving meditation and values strongly the relationships that develop by way of this shared experience. Jill loves to draw back to the midline while teaching and training stabilization and fluidity in safety, yet she also pushes boundaries when creating flows and movement art.

Eugene Poku

Eugene is a registered yoga teacher who both respects tradition and utilizes intuition, something he applies to his teaching as well as to his personal practice and throughout his life. Eugene’s compassionate yet direct style of teaching is inspired from his 40-plus years of experience and skill in dance, acro inspired movement, and martial arts. He gives workshops in yoga, AcroYoga, and was a yoga-based creative consultant for the Cirque du Soleil’s Las Vegas show, Love.

Jessie Goldberg

One of the founders and directors of AcroYoga Montreal plus founder and former director at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal (2004-2016), Jessie has been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 1998. After more than 25 years as a professional dancer and entertainer, she completed a 500-hour teacher training program.

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