Abhinam Yoga Center presents a holistic vision of yoga which addresses the body, mind, and the innermost being.

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Tatiana Nardi

from Germany, February 2019

I was looking for a course to deepen my yoga practice and the Ashtanga 200h TTC was definitely the right choice. We had 4 teachers with different focus (alignment, anatomy, philosophy, meditation) and I was impressed with the quality of the teaching: very precise, careful and kind. It was hard work, the best way possible: the early morning practice is very intense, and it's indescribable to do sun salutations watching the sun come up, while you're focused on the alignment of your breath, body and mind. It's like suddenly everything makes sense.

I have some years of yoga experience and felt it was quite demanding, but there were also students with no prior experience and everyone was able to evolve so much in their abilities. I had some hard lessons from pushing myself too much, so my advice is to listen to your body, and have patience. The philosophy lessons and meditation techniques made the experience complete, and it's beautiful to be in a routine where all of these aspects of yoga come together. I learnt so much more than I expected, this was truly a life changing experience to me.

Accommodations were simple, clean and spacious. The food is nutritious, tasty and repetitive (there are plenty of restaurants around in case you need a change). Location was great, 5min from the beach (beach meditations!), Morjim area is very peaceful, not crowded. The staff was great, and a special thank you to Abi, Deepika, Taru and Ankita, amazing teachers from whom I learnt so much.


from Germany, November 2018


I was in the Goa location. The location is 5 minutes’ walk from the beach (if you are in the main building, that it is single rooms. If you are in the Mango Villa, shared rooms and outdoor Yoga-Shala, it is 15 minutes walk from the beach). Arambol is about 10 Km. Renting a Scooter cost 300 rupees per day. The food can be quite repetitive, and I eat outside (as the other students) time to time. Eating outside cost around 300 rupees. As it is India, you have to be prepared for shortcuts, etc. The instructors (Abi, Deepika) are great! They corrected everything in my asanas. I find the teachers and the methodology the best of my stay. The methodology is a combination of Ashtanga Yoga with alignment from Iyengar Yoga. I will recommend the school to all that really want to learn Hatha Yoga. If I comeback to India for Yoga, I will choose this school again (maybe in Dharamshala to change the location).