8 Days Yoga Retreat in Nepal

  • Tushita-Nepal, World Peace Stupa, Pumdi-Bhumdi-1, Kaski, Nepal


Yoga Retreat Nepal

  • 7 days with instruction
  • Learn deeper about yoga, meditation, and detoxifying tips for your life in the paradise of earth, Pokhara. Enjoy the view of magnificent Himalayas, emerald blue lake, and lush green forest rich in flora and fauna. During this retreat, you will understand that meditation is not just about stretching your bodies and closing your eyes, but also about opening the petals of life.


    • Daily yoga classes
    • Daily meditation sessions
    • Personal care and sharing spiritual vibration
    • 7 nights' accommodation
    • Daily Ayurvedic meals
    • Excursion

    Skill level

    • Beginner


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: German, Japanese, Nepali, Sanskrit, English
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    You will be accommodated in Tushita-Nepal, a place with magnificent mountain views and sunrise, far from the madding crowd with nine (9) rooms named after the nine (9) planets. One room will be for one person because the rooms are provided according to the ruling planet. For example, Sagittarius and Pisces can stay in the room Jupiter, but no other people because the interior of the rooms are designed accordingly.

    The cosmic energy form related planets are drawn by a highly esteemed spiritual master. Basic needs are kept, but no television, Wi-Fi, phone, air-conditioner, and lift at all. Room size is 144 square feet, very airy and light with natural color paint and serpentine stone flooring that throws positive vibration all the time.

    Tents and extra room are provided for those who are not sure of their ruling planet. One can know their ruling planet and astrological guidance according to the Vedic astrology from Aagam Tushita-Nepal's astrologer.

    • 06:00 Class starts with pooja worship, detox herb drink, and yoga class
    • 08:00 Breakfast
    • 13:00 Lunch
    • 17:00 Meditation class starts with satsang bhajan (music program)
    • 19:00 Dinner
    • 90 minutes morning and evening yoga and meditation classes

    What your 7 days lesson will be?

    • Worshipping- Devotion to the Almighty Creator
    • Origin, Meaning, Importance and limbs of yoga.
    • Asanas (Sitting Posture) and Pranayamas (Breathing Techniques)
    • Meditation tips to control our mind
    • Chakra Locking and Openings
    • What is spirituality and how to purify body-mind & soul?
    • Uttering Gayatri Mantra – Satsang (Music and Bhajanss)
    • How the world is operated? And our human body operated?
    • What does Vedic Sanatan Dharma mean?
    • How to see our own body lights AURA and feel energy circles?
    • The law of nature and The law of Karma. Why not to rotate temples clock-wise?
    • Why are we unhappy? What is the purpose of our life?
    • Nature Therapy and Basic Ayurveda course (Treatment of Sinus and constipation)
    • Nature Therapy and why is Vashtu Shastra (Fengsui) important in our life?
    • Wearing world’s ancient dress (Topi-Daura-Suruwal for male & Sadi Cholo for female)
    • Receiving the world’s ancient calendar (at least 10600 yrs old) as a gift
    • Laugh like a fool, dance and rejoice. THREE GREAT REALIZATION !
    • Nature Therapy and Basic Ayurveda course (Treatment of Sinus and constipation)

    The rest of your time is meant for hiking, resting, reading spiritual pages, or questioning yourself. May you purify yourself, open your chakras, and receive immense spiritual vibration. Rather than just stretching legs and closing eyes, you are meant to be there for special purpose, to retrieve lost ways and live a blissful life.

    Daily lessons

    Day 1

    Origin, meaning, importance, and limbs of yoga.

    Day 2

    Morning: asana (sitting posture) and pranayamas (breathing techniques)

    Evening: meditation tips to control your mind

    Day 3

    Morning: asana, pranayama, and chakra locking and openings

    Evening: uttering Gayatri mantra - satsang (music and bhajans)

    Day 4

    Morning: regular yoga and meditation class

    Evening: human body (mind-body-soul), Tri Gunas, Tridoshas, and what Vedic Sanatan Dharma mean

    Day 5

    Morning: surya namaskar and regular yoga

    Evening: the law of nature and the law of karma

    Day 6

    Morning: regular yoga and meditation class

    Evening: why are we unhappy and what is the purpose of our life

    Day 7

    Morning: regular yoga and meditation class

    Evening: why Vashtu Shastra (Feng Shui) is important in our life, laugh like a fool, dance like a mad, and rejoice, receive the three great realizations, nature therapy and basic Ayurveda course, and treatment for sinus and constipation at the day time.

    • Helena Basnet

      Helena Basnet is a natural therapist since 2005.

    This retreat will take place in Pokhara, Nepal. It is said 'If there is a paradise on earth, it begins from north to Pokhara'. On the lap of Annapurna Himalayan Range, Pokhara is blanketed with emerald blue lakes, green forests, deep gorges and underground waterfalls, caves, hills, and rills. If Kathmandu is the cultural hub, Pokhara, a place of exhilarating beauty, is to refresh, relax, and discover the mysterious creation of nature. Thousands of people from different parts of the world come here just to awake the sleeping beauty.

    Nearby places

    • Kathmandu, 200 km
    • Pokhara Airport, 6 km
    • Hiking nearby
    • Hiking trail nearby
    • Massage
    • Mountain walking/trekking
    • Spa
    • Stargazing
    • Balcony
    • Barbeque facilities
    • Dining area
    • Garden
    • Restaurant
    • Terrace
    • Yoga deck
    • Yoga shala

    You will be served Ayurvedic meals three times a day, detox herb drink, fruit juice, milk, herb tea, or organic coffee. The food items are selected and prepared accordingly. Ajinomoto and preservative food and drinks are not used.

    • Detox your body by dipping into natural hot spring
    • Experience four days in the mountain wilderness through yoga trek
    • Experience wilderness with jungle safari
    • Go rafting and feel the flow of the river waves
    • Try paragliding and fly with eagles
    • Visit Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha

    Ayurvedic massage and wellness spa are available on request, for additional cost. You can also buy wellness product from the gift gallery.

    • 3 Ayurvedic meals a day
    • 7 nights' accommodation
    • Basic Ayurveda course and nature therapy
    • Daily 90 minutes morning yoga class
    • Daily 90 minutes evening meditation class
    • Detox herb drinks, seasonal fruits, milk herb tea, and organic coffee
    • Free treatment for sinus, migraine, and constipation problem
    • Pick up and drop service by car
    • Taxes and valuable gifts
    • Additional tour cost
    • Airfare
    • Tourist bus-ticket from Kathmandu
    • Vedic astrological outlook, spiritual healing, and Ayurvedic massage

    Arrival by airplane

    Please book your flight to arrive at Pokhara Airport (PKR).


    X 790985 ; Y 3123439

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Aagam Tushita-Nepal an inquiry.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • L
      Review by Luis Mirpuri from Portugal

      Wonderful time

      10 Value for money
      10 Accommodation & facilities
      10 Food
      10 Location
      10 Quality of activity
      10 Overall impression

      2017-Apr-04 10:45:05

    • Review by Sanja Zekovic

      "Namaste! Staying in Tushita Nepal was indeed unique experience. Sitting in peace on top of the hill, guided preparation and meditation were my aim so I am quite happy, as beginner, to get it from my host, Yogi Panchavedi. Every day was filled new learning, sanskrit, and history of Nepal. Fine family atmosphere and lovely neighbourhood is what to expect there. Available tracking, walking around the hills, swimming in the lake, and Ayurvedic meals. All fruits and vegetables are home grown and organic. My brain and body were refreshed after only eight days spent in Tushita."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited


    • Review by a traveler

      "The views from Tushita are some of the very best views on planet earth. Anna Purna range / Mount Fishtail seem like it's towering over Tushita. Mount Fishtail is truly awe inspiring. The photos really don't do it justice. The food is AMAZING! Completely ayurvedic food all picked from the gardens around the property. The family make you feel like you have just arrived home for the very first time. It's amazing the kids are so happy & friendly. "

      "The teacher in Tushita is Rajesh Shestra he will teach you the origins of Yoga and give you an excellent overview / insight into the oldest religions - Sanatana Dharma. He is always available and is a very high level Yoga master. I really enjoyed every minute I spent with Rajesh. The Place - There is something really special about the energy in Tushita. With much free time you can go for daily walks / hikes around the incredible picturesque scenery. I stayed in Mars and would seriously recommend mantra meditation in that room. "

      "My experience - This is not the space for sharing this experience so I will just say that at the time I didn't really understand what happened to me during my stay but I have learned since is it was a spontaneous Kundelini awakening. It changed me profoundly at the time and allowed me to look at the world through different eyes. "

      "I stopped smoking and drinking alcohol, I also sent 2/3s of my belongings back to Ireland and traveled very lightly for the rest of my stay in India and Nepal, Physically & meta physically! My thoughts completely changed I had very little fear or anxiety and still to this day I experience very little social anxiety, where before it was a problem. My stay is Tushita is the number one highlight of my entire trip, it change me profoundly. For a spiritual seeker, you will find what you are looking for in Tushita. I can safely say my life is broken into two parts. Before and after Tushita. My spiritual development is not yet complete and I can call on Rajesh from time to time to help guide my path. I cannot Thank Rajesh and his wonderful family enough for a truly life changing experience."

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "Me and my girlfriend had the rare pleasure to spend 8 days in this paradise to learn more about Yoga but first I'll tell about the place and people because this contributed to the insights we got. The pictures don’t do justice to the place. It has the best views in region and finally you won’t want to move anywhere, not even for the views because they are visible from the window, from your porch and especially the sunrise view on the other side of house is breathtaking. And the same time you can enjoy time with the Shrestra family."

      "If people say that some place feels like home, this started to feel like a family that you lost at some point. Gyanu and Kumari made excellent Nepalese food, and always brought some more. I felt like being at my grandmas place where you never feel hunger. I even noticed myself dreaming about Gyanu’s food while meditating! When my girlfriend got migrane they relaxing gels and gave a massage. You can call that being beyond service. The kids came happily running home from long school day and always shared a moment with us and joined us for dinners. But the main part why we were here was to know more about Yoga."

      "And Yogi Panchavedi made us see. He teaches with the old vedic system which has mapped 5 different areas that create balanced and peaceful life where you connect. Physical exercise or “acrobatics” as he described it is just a small part of the whole system designed to allow human to live better a life. He teaches meditation, philosophy/religion, ayuerveda, astrology, asanas, breathing techniques and list goes on and on… The classes were focused and usually following our schedule. Best thing was that the groups were small and Yogi Panchavedi was available all the time, which makes the value you get extremely high. We also enjoyed the talks in the lunch and dinner table a lot."

      "They are truly heart-warmingly magnificent people. The place is awesome. The experience you will have there cannot be described, it needs to be experienced first hand and then wisdom put in action. Thank you Tushita for changing our lives for better."

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by Traveler from Edinburgh, United Kingdom

      "Definitely worth the 90 minute hike to the top. Great views of Annapurna range and a nice cafe at the top for chai. It was a great experience!"

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by A traveler from Netherlands

      "I know Shrestha’s family when I stayed at their establishment, Pension Tushita at lakeside. Unfortunately, they were in trouble with the house-owner for contract. Since then, we had no connection. But luckily again, I met them at their lovely new retreat center. Being a nature therapist, I can feel the spiritual vibration. The surrounding of Tushita-Nepal is full of positive vibration. I found it as one of the best places for any person to find inner peace. The beautiful Annapurna Himalaya with the Virgin Mt. Fishtail is magical. The agricultural terraces of mustard field, herb garden, and the view of World Peace Stupa seen just in front was something like poetic expressions. As in the website written, the place is far from the madding crowd and meant for those who are in pursuit of peace and happiness. I am planning to bring yoga lovers small groups from Germany and Netherlands every year."

      Aagam Tushita-Nepal website, edited

    • Review by A traveler from Netherlands

      "While surfing in the Indonesian island, one of my friends told me about awesome views of Annapurna Himalaya seen from Tushita Nepal. Then, I could not wait for that moment, so I flew to for Pokhara, Nepal. Once I arrived here, I was bewildered with the utmost tranquility, spiritual vibration, and the magnificent mountain views seen just in front. The whole Pokhara city was under the cloud for four days, but I could enjoy dramatic mountain views and sunrise above the clouds. I practiced yoga and meditation and learned the principle and truths of yoga. Moreover, a naked sky full of stars and the milky way was so stunning. I captured such rare glimpses of nature. Definitely, I had an experience of a lifetime. The utmost cordiality and homely atmosphere of Shrestha’s family made me think and write few words of humanity and brotherhood that the modern world has forgotten."

      Aagam Tushita-Nepal, edited

    • Review by Maria Medina from England, United Kingdom

      "I was searching for some destination to release and refresh from busy life. Somehow, I found Tushita-Nepal along with an organic farming concept that lured me to go there. I immediately wrote an email to the concern person and received answer with so much warmth and closeness. I decided to go and stay at Tushita for a week. In fact, as seen in the picture, the location was superb - difficult to express in words. It is my pleasure to be amidst the mother nature with 360 degree views. I am totally refreshed after staying at Tushita. Moreover, Shrestha recommended me to see one of the astrologers (Sundar Paju) and found the lost way. I really appreciate for his great help. I really recommend for people to visit Tushita who are tired from their life and lost the way further to go."

      Aagam Tushita-Nepal website, edited

    Pokhara, Nepal

    Tushita-Nepal is an ideal yoga retreat resort in the Pokhara Valley for spiritual awakening in the bosom of mighty Himalayas.

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