Aadi Yoga School has designed courses in the most comprehensive and unique way, empowering you to stand apart as an inspired yoga teacher.

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Swami Amarna Anand

Anant Jethuri

Amit Lingwal

Deepa Negi

Manoranjan Rana

Chetan Kumar

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from Japan, July 2020

"Great experience and now my dream to go Rishikesh"

It was my first time to take TTC and even online. At the beginning, I wondered how it's gonna be like because even you see many info online, you first need to experience to deeply understand. I always got prompt replies and answers upon registering to the end. Teachers are dedicated and they always encouraged you to go (a little bit) beyond your limitation so that we can grow emotionally and physically. I liked the small class size max. 5 or 6. Now after finishing the course, I can 100% say I am glad to have chosen this school and can suggest to all my friends. The school also provides Sunday free yoga class online so you can also join them first.


from United Kingdom, July 2020

"Expert training from teachers who really care"

I was blown away by my experience with Aadi Yoga School. I feel very lucky to have attended their online course!

I haven’t visited their school in India (yet), so I can’t comment on the location or food, accommodation, etc. But as far as the teaching is concerned (both philosophy and physical practice), it’s a fantastic school. The online learning environment was warm and collegial. I believe I learned a lot, and feel very motivated to carry on my yoga journey

Sarah Cha

from France, June 2021

"300 hours online YTT"

This online training exceeded my expectations : asana class totally upgraded my practice. Pranayama class was literally life changing because it helped me realise that simple techniques combined with a routine could make all the difference. The teachers were very knowledgeable, generous with their own experience and always ready to challenge you. I will cherish the encounters i made here for a long time. Definitely recommend

Leo Chelliah

from United Kingdom, April 2021

"Best meditation can offer"

Clear and committed messages, absolutely wonderful Guru.

Vasiliki Grammatopolou

from Hong Kong, March 2021

"Aadi yoga school "

Very friendly, welcoming and professional

Robin Herrington

from United States, March 2021

"Excellent Yoga Journey with Aadi Yoga School"

The reason I wanted to study with Aadi

Yoga School was threefold: 1. Understand the authentic origins of Yoga as a daily practice with connection to mind, body and spirit versus the way in which Yoga is often taught here in the USA as a fitness option in the gym 2. Understanding of anatomy, meditation and philosophy, and 3. To begin my teaching journey focused on improving my own wellness and to be able to share the authentic daily Asana Practice with others. The Aadi Yoga experience exceeded my expectations on all levels. The professional and knowledgeable instructors acknowledged the various skill level of each student and applied modifications, postures and exercises to enable everyone to gain the necessary strength, flexibility and mobility required to master each posture and optimize our daily practice. All of this was taught while educating us on safety guidelines for teaching. The daily recordings were extremely helpful for reference, alignment techniques and other helpful teaching tips and tools. I highly recommend this teacher’s training for anyone looking for an authentic, educational, aspirational and inspirational Yoga experience. This has been life changing for me and I look forward to future online trainings and in person retreats with Aadi Yoga School as we get on the other side of the health pandemic. I am filled with gratitude, love and appreciation to the entire Aadi Yoga team and their commitment to sharing the gift of Yoga with the world!❤️🙏🏿

Helena Eeckeleers

from Belgium, January 2021

"An amazing experience"

I took this class to learn more about yoga. It really exceeded my expectations. The composition of the classes is very well put together. Even though it was all online, I felt it was very personal and they gave each of us advice on how to improve. The combination of theory and yoga lessons was very good. I really enjoyed it and would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about yoga and eventually teach.


from United States, November 2020

"Excellent Yoga School with the best teachers "

First of all, I am so glad I choose Aadi yoga school. It was a wonderful experience . The program is very professionally designed , organized and conducted with the best teachers who are profoundly knowledgeable on the subject of yoga. The school also provides with the best reading material.

Each one of us was given individual attention not only during the asana class but also in the adjustment, anatomy and philosophy classes as well. All of our questions were answered and our doubts were cleared before the teachers proceeded. I will highly recommend this school to everyone.

Hannah Uijterlinde

from Netherlands, November 2020

"Amazing school to start your yoga teacher journey!!"

I loved the combination of asana classes and theoretic classes. The teachers were so nice and knowledgeable. Very easy to reach out to in case of any questions. Good quality.

Zara Johari

from Singapore, October 2020

"A whole new world of YTT with Aadi Yoga School"

My journey to attain a YTT cert during this unprecedented times, would not have been possible if not for the dedication, passion and knowledge of the team of teachers at Aadi Yoga School. Despite some limitations due to Online learning, the team at Aadi Yoga School has done their best to deliver this course seamlessly and authentically especially through the daily ZOOM Asana practices and other courses like Alignment, Anatomy and Yoga Philosophy. I am blessed to acquire an in-depth knowledge about the practice of yoga through the school. I hope to visit the school in Rishikesh one day. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to pursue Online YTT. Thank you all, Namaste.

Sonya Sung

from Taiwan, October 2020

"An Excellent 42 days Yoga Journey "

I'm happy that I found Aadi Yoga as the start point of my 200Hr Yoga training. Their teachers are all very experienced and full of passion, and I have made a big progress both mentally and physically during the past month due to their help. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is interested in learning more about Yoga.

Marina Abrahão

from United Arab Emirates, October 2020

"Online course 200h "

The course was an excellent way to get more familiar with the traditional yoga philosophy and physical practice. I was trying to find a school that could help me to improve as a yoga student and to be able to give classes with confidence and consistence. The instructors were genuine practitioners and always open to any suggestions or questions. The schedule is intense but very flexible as they record every class. The anatomy classes were focused and relevant for any yoga instructor aspirants.

I truly recommend this course. It is much more than just physical practice, and I feel ready to start my journey as an instructor.


from Japan, September 2020

"I enjoyed all internet TTC classes"

I enjoyed all internet TTC classes, asana, anatomy, philosophy, alignment, meditation classes All teachers are professional, excellent, and gentle. They kindly taught all about their yoga knowledge and answered all my questions soon. This TTC course was a fantastic, grateful, and enjoyable yoga experience. Also, I appreciate that I could meet, study, and practice with very kind and attractive people to help together to improve. I hope to come there and learn more about yoga in the future.

Eilidh O'neill

from United Kingdom, August 2020

"An absolute joy!"

I really enjoyed this training. It was done online due to this year's lockdown restrictions. I learned a lot about yoga and about myself too and feel am at the start of a journey. It was great to wake up each morning and start the day off with class. The instructors were terrific and enjoyed seeing my classmates every day too. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone and hope one day to go to the Aadi yoga school in real life.:):):)

Julie Nguyen

from France, July 2020

"Very nice experience"

I really like the online training even though I was sceptical at the beginning.

I really like the open-minded yoga professors at Aadi School. My classmates are also amazing. I would like to go to India one day to stay in school for real :-).

Namaste ...


Nahila Hernandez

from Chile, July 2020

"I get what expected and some more"

I love the whole process even being on line. Prem is an amazing guide and my classmates where marvelous! I star with an expectation and finished with a bigger one and whiling to go deeper.

Manroop Ahitan

from United Kingdom, July 2020

"Online training experience "

I enjoyed the online experience as I could do it from home and the flexibility was great. The knowledge of the instructor (Prem) was excellent and Jai who offered admin support was great at coming back to you furthermore he offer extra classes in asana at no further cost. The asana classes were good fun and the teacher were good. Thank you Keshav and Garav.

Karan Bisias

from Greece, July 2020

"Such a great experience!! "

The main Yoga instructor, Yogi Mr Preme, is not only very knowledgeable about all aspects of Yoga; philosophy, anatomy, asanas etc. he has a witty sense of humor that relaxes the students. And the other two yoga teachers also really pay close attention that one is doing the Asanas correctly. I like that we are taught different styles of yogas, too. The school also offers every Sunday free extra classes from experienced yoga teachers from around the world. The school is very accommodating if you have any problems or issues. They make sure to work things out with you. I believe most in my group will continue to take another course immediately after the current one is finished.

Mariyana Paskaleva

from United Kingdom, June 2020

I am more than happy that i've had the opportunity to do 200h Yoga teacher training online with Aadi Yoga School Rishikesh and their amazing team . It was an unforgettable life changing experience despite the fact that we were far apart. Can't be more gratefull for the knowedge and wisdom that Prem Arya shared with us. If wondering whether or not to apply for the course – please do, it was one of the best thing I ever did.

Vitaly Kuznetsov

from India, March 2020

" A wonderful place for yoga and meditation in Rishikesh"

You have classes looking at Ganga, you have home made Indian food and the place is filled with peace and love. The teachers are real experts and ready to answer any question. Already looking forward to coming for another course and seeing my new yoga family

Alexander Zuev

from India, March 2020

"Excellent yoga school"

Wonderful location with Ganga view, home made Indian food, excellent yoga teachers and comfortable rooms - they have everything you need to make your experience unforgettable and wishing to come again.

Olga Cherenina

from India, March 2020

"Best experience"

I loved everything about the retreat. The studio location is perfect, right next to Ganga, lots of shops and restaurants. The rooms are exceptionally clean, although simple. The yoga studio is spacious and has a warm feeling to it. I enjoyed the program and found the teacher very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend the retreat.

Elena Gordishevskaya

from India, March 2020

"My favourite yoga school!"

Located in Lakshman Jhula, close to the the National park area and Ganga river, this is a comfortable and cozy place.

Food is excellent and people are so friendly. Very professional teachers and the yogashala is facing Ganga.

Olga Oleynikova

from India, March 2020

"Побывала как дома!!! "

Добродушное отношение и качественный индивидуальный подход!!!

Swati Choudhary

from India, March 2020

"Loved my time at Aadi Yoga"

One of the most welcoming, warm-hearted places I've ever visited. I was staying at Aadi Yoga School and went along to their yoga classes. The staff and residents were so friendly, and the classes left me revitalised and relaxed for my holiday. The amenities were clean and the rooms looked gorgeous. The location couldn't have been better; being right on the Ganga River, and very famous cafe, the Ganga View cafe on the doorstep. I will definitely be returning when I will come back to Rishikesh for my next yoga holiday trip.

Trapti Sachdev

from India, March 2020

"best yoga holidays in rishikesh india"

What an amazing place! Absolutely love it! Came here on a yoga holiday but now looking into booking my 200 YTT next yeat with the Aadi Yoga School! The location is great, right by the Ganga River. You get delighted with breathtaking sunsets every evening! The food is delicious and the staff would do everything to make sure all your needs are met. Reception team friendly as always and happy to help, always with a smile on their face. Last but not least, the yoga teacher team, wow, I am amazed with their knowledge, their warmth and their willingness to help and make you feel welcome! I am simply overwhelmed and cannot wait to book my next stay here at Aadi Yoga.

Shruti Dugar

from India, March 2020

"Best Yoga & Wellness Retreat Center In India"

I done my 2 days wellness Yoga retreat at Aadi Yoga School In Rishikesh India. Aadi Yoga School is Such a wonderful place I felt so much joy and gratitude each day, blessed with abundance of great food and company of amazing passionate yoga teachers and students. The yoga classes and teachers are highly skilled. I recommend Aadi Yoga School.

Sonia Gaba

from India, March 2020

"The Best Yoga School In Rishikesh India"

Can't say anything bad about Aadi Yoga School. This place is like paradise. As a beginner, I have learnt so much in only 2 days. The quality of everything here is really high: from teachers to accommodation, to location and food. Thank you for having me. It was a great experience. Staff is very friendly and dedicated.

Karen Zoleta

from Philippines, February 2020

"Experience of a lifetime "


The family setting, food, bed, yoga hall which is always magical especially during sunset ☀️ , the training, my classmates, and of course, the teachers! :) i also like the fact that Ganga View Cafe is under the same management. During free time, my classmates and I would lounge at the cafe to read / to chat, and the staff would always make us feel welcome and safe. So you have two bases: the yoga school and cafe, and that is really a plus for me. ;) The rooms were basic but comfortable. Also, you just ask them what you need and they will do their best to provide. Mayank is the man in charge, he doesn’t smile often but he smiles from the inside of his heart! So just go ahead and ask him for what you need and rest assured he will help you. ;) I arrived there without expectations and carrying only a very basic and shallow understanding about yoga, but I left with so much wisdom and valuable knowledge that could help me with my journey of being a yoga teacher. <3