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A Mindful Practice

A Mindful Practice leads meditation retreats worldwide. They offer counseling via psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, hypno-relaxation, and Nidra yoga sessions.

Instructors 2

Siggy Verelst

Siggy Verelst is originally from Belgium but has studied and worked in Melbourne, Australia for a large part of her life. She has a Master degree in film making and psychotherapy and a Bachelors degree in fine arts. Being committed to her inner work and self-development, she has immersed herself in meditative practices from various traditions since a young age. Today, she teaches meditation and yoga Nidra in addition to having her own private practice as a psychotherapist, in which she uses her humanistic, body-oriented, and mindfulness approach to counsel people in a holistic manner.

Cairnmillar Institute of Psychology and Psychotherapy in Melbourne, Australia (Psychotherapist)

Atreyu Samra

Atreyu guides regular yoga and meditation classes within Sunseed and helps promote the community member’s integral well-being. Atreyu has a strong background in Yoga and experience in varying types of yoga including Hatha, Tantra, Kundalini and Yin Yoga, he will mostly be focusing on Hatha Yoga during this retreat.

Testimonials 5

Emma Rose

A Mindful Practice website

This was a beautiful experience that I shared with incredible people. Siggy and Etienne put so much love into this program, and it created an intimate space to open up.

The retreat gave me a space to connect with myself, to accept myself and explore new ideas for my healing. It gave me new levels of understanding in the process of simply observing and acknowledging my emotions. This deeply nourishing time has inspired me to seek out more experiences like Siggy offered. I am so thankful for it!

Carole Belgium

A Mindful Practice website

I am so thankful for having shared this quality time together. Siggy creates a context of freedom where you can connect with yourself, others, the birds, the sun, the South of Spain, Europe, the Earth. In a soft way, without pressure. Everything is okay. A nice combination of humanity and nature. Swimming in the natural springs, having healthy meals. A community feeling. Delicious. Namaste.

Kerry London

A Mindful Practice website

Words can’t describe what the retreat has done for me. I booked the retreat because I felt a need to run away. I felt on the edge and unable to make sense. I arrived alone and being here has given me back my sense of self. I have been embraced by the Eco-village and feel like I am truly at ease and for that I will always be grateful. So thank you for giving me my sense of calm back and a knowing that I can be elsewhere and not feel incomplete. I now feel one me again. Thank you!

Petr Check Republic

A Mindful Practice

Siggy and Etienne they have a wonderful place to give a powerful retreat. I explored important things about myself with them. Please enjoy the singing session at the retreat, it is a lot of fun to play other people as an instrument.

Siebe Belgium

A Mindful Practice

This was my very first retreat. We were guided by a very experienced teacher. I have gained many insights. I found the program to be well balanced and I could relate to the answers to questions asked to Siggy about the practice. I am eager now to learn more about the mind-body connection. Thank you Siggy and Etienne for the guidance on my path!

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