A Lotus Seed aims to bring meditation and mind trainings such as mindfulness into different layers of society through cozy retreats and trainings.

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Geraldine Gobert


Geraldine De La Vigne

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from United States, October 2018

"Insightful Serenity"

I loved everything...the wisdom and kindness of Geraldine, the supportive, safe environment she created and facilitated. The amazing people that I had the privilege of connecting with on this journey. It was a remarkable experience, one that I hope accompanies me for a very, very long time.

Testimonials (4)

Sylvie R.

A Lotus Seed website - Heart Radiant Retreat

Having avoided being confronted with myself and my feelings for most of my life this week was exactly what I needed and maybe subconsciously looked for: A week of bliss yet intensive work on myself. The retreat was excellent in every way from beginning till end: the organization, the duration, the remote location in a stunning environment, the delicious and nutritious food, the daily yoga sessions with Anna’s soothing voice, the option to get a Reiki massage as well as the love and care from all the people at the retreat center and in the group. I came with the idea to take a week off for some relaxation, slowing down and disconnecting from my daily life, including the Internet. I returned more connected to myself and with the realization that I can create my own “safe haven”. I had hoped to find answers to questions I never really dared to ask and left with insights about myself that go beyond these questions. I learned to accept myself the way I am and that this is not the same as not trying to improve and grow every day. Thank you for everyone, who helped, guided or just surrounded me during this journey! It would have not been possible without you.

Myriam F.

A Lotus Seed website - Heart Radiant Retreat

Amazing retreat. Felt so relaxed. Everybody should do this once in a lifetime to stop your busy life for a week and go to your inner self and listen what it has to say.

Fleur N.

A Lotus Seed website - Heart Radiant Retreat and Mindfulness Retreat

I had the feeling no words could describe how I had experienced my first mindfulness retreat. After the retreat I actually physically felt my heart had grown and I'm accepting my thoughts and feelings with more openness and gentleness. I'm very grateful for this experience.

An H.

A Lotus Seed website - Heart Radiant Retreat and Mindfulness Retreat

I had the most wonderful week in Portugal. I came with a troubled mind and left a happier person with a lot of clear insights and tools, not only to deal with difficult feelings, but also to better appreciate the beautiful moments. This week opened up my mind and my heart. I have met some beautiful people and the combination of morning yoga, intensive mindfulness sessions and time to relax and let everything sink in is really nice. Also the beautiful location and the tasty food make this week absolutely recommendable.