9 Huts on a Hill is a resort in Bak Bak Beach, offering a space where you can rest and treat your body and mind to a proper break from everyday life.

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7 Day Freedom Blaze Yoga Retreat in Kudat, Sabah

Available from February till December

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9 Huts Yoga instructors

Emilia Semrau

Frederica Duncan

Lucie Rezacova

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James Fox

from Great Britain, March 2020

"7 days of bliss"

I had the most incredible time at 9huts. The location is perfect with the view out to the beach, the yoga was hard for me however it has helped me become more flexible and agile, reducing my back pain considerably. The food was delicious! The trips out a lot of fun. The instructors Marina and Lily were great, friendly and happy to adapt the classes as the group needed and help individually to improve our skills. I did not want to leave. Thankyou so much

Corinna Burkhardt

from Germany, March 2020

"Perfect to switch off"

Yoga, the view, the dogs, the group♡, the employees, the food...everything :)

Johanna Hanusch

from Malaysia, February 2020

"Loved it!! "

9 Huts is such a beautiful and relaxed space. Lily our yoga teacher is just lovely. I was struggling with a few things when I arrived and she helped me a lot putting my mind in a better mood. Thank you for everything.


from Norway, January 2020

"Perfect get away"

The staff was so nice and kind, all our wishes were taken into account.

Lilly, the yoga teacher knew exactly what I needed. 😊

Love this place.

Valborg J Sekse

from Norway, November 2019

"Amazing place to relax! "

The location is just wonderful. Peaceful, clean, next to the ocean. The staff is the most sweet people you can imagine. ❤️I had a 10 days/9 nights yogaretreat at 9huts and for me it was exactly what I needed. The instructor Kathryn Yates is an amazing yoga teacher who is passionate and caring and has great knowledge. Love that girl! The food is just amazing too. Fresh and tasty vegetarian food everyday. The WiFi connection is so and so.. But for me that was just even more relaxing. You are going to 9huts to disconnect with the world and connect with the self. Like I did. I will carry 9huts and Kathryn with me in my heart and I now have some "healthy tools" with me for my everyday life. I highly recommend it!! :-D

Gill Harrison

from China, October 2019

"Stunning hide-away place"

This is such a tranquil place to stay. The staff were lovely and always happy to help. The location was easy to get to - 3.5 hour drive from the airport. I used a driver with air-con car but to hire a car would also be easy enough. The huts looked right out onto the ocean, as did the yoga shala. Yoga at sunrise and sunset was beautiful and the yoga instructors there were great. There were 3 during my stay and they all had their own style. They also conducted the workshops based on their own expertise and areas of interest. The food was so good - staying at the retreat doing the package included all meals, where lunch and dinner were in the restaurant next to the resort. They gave us something different to eat every day, so there was a good variety. The resort is set out beautifully with places to chill, including hammocks and a tree house and the beach was a few steps away. I used the SUP, which was fun on the calm water. It's an eco-resort and really promotes a sustainable way of living. We had a trip to the Tip of Borneo and to the local market, and the package also included some massages.

I would definitely recommend 9 Huts to anyone wanting to get escape a busy lifestyle or to have some relaxing days meeting lovely people.

Mariasole Sirianni

from United States, September 2019

"Yoga and much more"

I honestly have no words to describe how gorgeous the location is, how yummy the food and how helpful, accommodating and incredibly kind the staff are. It's been an amazing experience under all aspects and will definitely recommend 9huts and their Yoga retreat packages 100%.

Lucia Cattaneo

from Italy, August 2019

"Perfect retreat! "

The retreat was perfect from the start: 9Huts staff made us feel welcome and at home and they were all very helpful during the whole stay. Our yoga teacher was very good and she also organized very interesting workshops besides the yoga classes, which I recommend to attend as they are super helpful. The package we purchased also included vegetarian meals at Azi's restaurant (nearby the retreat): food was super tasty, natural and healthy, so I highly suggest to try it! The staff also organized some short trips for us, such as sunset yoga at the Tip of Borneo and a picnic at a nearby beach where we could kayaking and snorkeling. Living in a hut is an amazing experience and makes you think about how we can reduce our impact on the environment. Additionally, the retreat organized free English class for local children which, once again, shows how 9huts are very committed in supporting the community. Super highly recommended retreat!!!

Roman Hartl

from Austria, July 2019

"wonder-ful experience with incredible people"

Very nice, caring Team. They even ask about your experience and allergies up front so that they are best prepared for you upon arrival.

Super communications via whatsapp was possible on arrival.

Yoga was excellent, Emilia made it possible to experience all levels of yoga (body, mind , soul,... ) and she was excellent in knowing just what to do in the moment- no 'prepared out of the book' flows or sessions jut incredible sensitive individual 'sessions'

Location is wonderful, infrastructure was great, food was very good.

Robert Van Schooten

from Netherlands, February 2020

"Like family."

While reading through the other reviews, it was mentioned that the staff treat you like family. I couldn't find a better wording for it than that. Indeed they go beyond the regular expectations and make it all feel like you are at home. A schedule will be made as a guideline, but of course you're free to do as you feel like. Spontaneous trips to the market or a hike through the jungle are a few examples of the extra activities they organize.

The huts are simple but very well maintained, so you'll have all the luxury you need. And then the food, that's really worth mentioning. The people create the most wonderful dishes every day and it was a treat to taste them.

The instructors are very kind, flexible and understanding. During the week we have done a lot of different styles and they were able to help us with questions and more specialized requests without any hesitation.

Just enjoy the program and follow the flow of the location and within a week you'll feel completely rejuvenated.

Thank you again for an amazing experience.

Natasha Bucher

from Australia, February 2020

"Yoga with Lily"

Lily was greqt. She helped us during yoga when we needed it and made sure we weren't pushing ourselves to hard! She also spent time with us on our trips which was fun!

Katherine Oliver

from Malaysia, January 2020

"A wonderful and memorable experience!"

The whole experience was incredible. I came with 3 friends and as tired teachers, we were quite concerned the devised timetable that was sent to us prior to the trip, was a little too intense for what we wanted but it was a lot more relaxed when we arrived. Two yoga sessions a day at the most beautiful times of day, healthy, eco friendly and delicious food and super friendly staff! We use paddle boards one afternoon and explored surrounding areas. I highly recommend hiring a car from the airport as you can do a lot more on wheels. Borneo is absolutely beautiful for road trips. The area itself is very peaceful and quiet but there's Secret Beach and The tip of Borneo to explore, made much easier with a car. Mozzy nets, showers with hot water and air con plus a fan, are great. Bring plenty of mosquito repellant and be ready to feel relaxed, educated and happy.

Jyotsana Karl

from New Zealand, January 2020

"Best yoga retreat"

Jasmine , our yoga instructor was awesome. She was very attentive to our needs and did everything possible to make us comfortable and enjoy our time there. She even made lovely and wholesome breakfast for us every morning. The location was beautiful and the sunrise and sunset stunning.

All the staff were like a big family there and we had a great time. The chef and the kitchen staff at the restaurant were also very nice .

Rebecca Cusimano

from France, October 2019

"I will come back "

Everything was beyond my expectations. The place is perfect, the staff is so friendly and happy to help.. I was really sad the day I left but I am sure I’ll go back. Please keep in mind that this center intends to be as respectful of nature as possible, it might change your home habits a little but the experience is worth it. Thanks 9 huts on a hill 🙏

Rebecca Lowe

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Lovely place to spend some R&R after hectic travelling!"

The staff were so friendly and lovely - they make the place really. The food was delicious and I loved the location. It felt really secluded and relaxing. The yoga was great too :)

Dina Caball

from Indonesia, August 2019

"Nice experience, lovely place "

The staff, and the place was amazing! Also was great to meet other solo travelers!

Jenni Salonen

from Finland, August 2019


It was the best time of my life! No words to tell, you have to go and feel it yourself!

Miho Iizuka

from Japan, August 2019

Friendly staff and yoga teacher. Activity and location

Hannah Gendler

from Great Britain, May 2019


The setting of this yoga retreat and the views are both breathtaking. The food is incredible, staff are super friendly and the Huts are really comfortable and spacious. The location is super remote with hardly any tourists which I loved. Marita was also a wonderful instructor.

Heetu Bhandari

from Singapore, April 2019

"My huts on the hill hug"

Oh my gosh where to start... The warm kudat sea breeze is like an enveloping huts-on-a-hill hug, whilst being educated about breathing techniques, quality of breath is the quality of life, I appreciated this air even more. I felt totally relaxed in that atmosphere with the wonderful smily staff to help you with anything. They helped with my preparation for my unexpected climb to Mount Kinabalu with practical purchases, physical training, my wonderful massage plus of course many yogic physical and mental tips...amazing. Thanks so much to all of you.


from Malaysia, March 2019

"Beautiful and rejuvenating"

Beautiful scenery.

Great food.

Enjoyed time outdoors; hiking, cycling, kayaking.

Beautiful sunrise.

Great yoga instructors; Jenny and Jaren.

Abdelgafar Elgassim

from United States, February 2019

"Life changing experience nce "

Whether feels like heaven to us, location is indescribable 9huts on a hill facing the beach, staff were super friendly they did customize everything single details to fit our wishes, yoga instructor Marina was inspirational I a way that you want to follow her every where.

It was my first yoga retreat package but will definitely try book frequently.

Michael Andersson

from Laos, December 2018

"Yogaretreat to full satisfaction"

9 Huts on a Hill is a very nice and pleasent eco-accommodation at the top of Borneo, close to 'The Tip of Borneo'. Being a couple from Sweden the environment is very exotic and adventurous.

We landed in on the 5-day yogaretreat with high expectstions and were not dissapointed! On the contrary, we enjoyed every minute. Our yoga-instructor Jennie (Jennifer) held worldclass sessions, finetuning and adjusting to our level without making us feel at all uncomfortable. She keept us in very good mood and high spirits, inspiring us to go further all the time. We truley learned alot from her! Each pass was held open-air, with sea view both at sunrise and sunset.

The nice staff are very committed, genuine and hospitable. They had made a good, thoughtful schedule that also included crossfit sessions, massages and enjoyable vegetarian food.

Kirsten Bysterveld

from United States, November 2018

"Kirsten Bysterveld, CANADA"

The retreat itself is tucked away at the edge of a rain forest at the tip of Borneo. Its can be a bit of a drive to get there, but well worth it. After my journey I was greeted by the staff at 9 huts who were very warm and friendly. They ensured I had everything I needed during my stay. The food was excellent, each cabin had an ocean view and the beds were comfortable. The sounds of the rainforest were very soothing and peaceful, although there can be a lot of mosquitos so ensure to aways wear bug spray! Cody, the instructor, was very knowledgeable, he tailored the classes to my level of experience. He is a genuine person, who is connected and down to earth.

Overall the stay was great and this retreat left me feeling refreshed and well rested. Only down side is the 3-4 hour drive to get to the resort from KK.



Mbeke Waseme

from Malaysia, September 2018

"9 Huts on a hill is brill"

When you need a place to stay that brings you peace filled serenity in Kudat, this is this place! Fabulous location with the soothing sea waves lulling you to a calm place. Perfect yoga tuition and guidance. Perfectly located for a trip to The Tip of Borneo which will certainly add zest to your steps and give you stripes for your travel journal.


from Germany, February 2020

"Tolle Erfahrung"

The program contained a nice mixture of activities as Yoga Sessions, massages, trips etc. Our teachers Lily and Mariana were very friendly and attentive and tried to include all our wishes and requirements. The food was delicious and diversified and always fresh and healthy. 9 huts on a hill is situated in a isolated and relaxed location and has a nice Yoga platform with seaview to enjoy during Yoga. It's a perfect place to enjoy some relaxed days and calm down.

Bianca Broch

from Malaysia, February 2019

"Amazing teacher, lovely surroundings and great staff! "

-Small groups/ allowed a very individual training

-Knowledgeable teacher that also gave background information. She met our level of experience and always made sure that we felt comfortable within and outside the training

-food is amazing and staff super friendly (made us feel at home)