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Personal Epic 3 Day Wellness Burst in Bali, Indonesia

Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan, 2019–2020
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Epic 5 Day Wellness Boost in Ubud, Bali

Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan, 2019–2020
    from US$1,217
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    City Life De-Stress Week in Ubud, Bali

    Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan, 2019–2020
      from US$1,690
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      Instructors (3)

      ​​Lesya Pyatnichko

      Jelena Acanski

      ​Sugeng (Madeira) Prasetyo

      Reviews (9)

      Grace Nedeau

      from Hong Kong, November 2018

      "Five nights in the beautiful Ubud "

      Since traveling to Ubud on a solo journey I can absolutely say that this holiday program or what felt like a five day dream with a wonderful woman, is an experience I will never forget. The structure of this holiday is easy going yet filled with so much adventure. You have the free will to do whatever you want and Leysa is so incredibly accommodating. I was there for a short amount of time and on my last day I felt like I had done and seen so much. I definitely recommend trying out classes at the yoga barn that you wouldn't of chosen before, try out all the delicious vegan food as well as visiting Sebatu Holy Spring. Those were some wonderful highlights! It is hard to narrow down the best parts of this trip because every moment was incredible. From the vegan food, the yoga, the excursions, the hotel, the sites but most importantly building a bond with Leysa, I will definitely be returning soon because it was so special. I am a vegan yogi but this trip would be perfect for absolutely anybody!

      Alix Ohana

      from Indonesia, August 2019


      Lesya a été une hote exceptionnelle. Intelligente attentive elle a écouté mes besoins afin de trouver les meilleures activités ( marche , yoga class...) pour atteindre et dépasser mes objectifs.


      from Taiwan, March 2019

      "So much more than what I expected "

      Food is amazing, amazing, amazing. The food is so great that even if you're not a vegan/vegetarian, you would become one naturally. I stayed in Hotel Batu Empug Ubud. It is neat and clean. The shower, bathtub, and AC all work well. The location of the hotel is convenient too. Lesya is an amazing guide. She knows Bali really well. Not only does she know the best places to go visit, shopping, get a massage and to eat, but also the activities and events that are going on in town. She can really set out great plans that meet your needs and interest. Even if you are making a last minute decision or just being spontaneous, she can find something for you! Moreover, her wide knowledge of yoga, dance, nutrition, healing, aromatherapy... and a lot more! will not only let you learn a lot but also give you insights and inspirations. I would say Lesya has become more like a mentor to me during my trip. I would definitely recommend this retreat for someone who is looking to de-stress, to learn about themselves, and to regain their energy.

      Katrina Leiva

      from United States, May 2018

      "Life changing experience!"

      From the moment we met Lesya to our last moment together and every experience in between, will never be forgetten. I felt that I left my heart in Bali and did not want to come home. The food was the best I have ever eaten, the location was so fascinating, the classes and people we met were so nice. I actually cried when I left Bali. This private retreat is definitey catered to your personal journey. If that is what you need, I highly recommend it. Lesya will teach you everything about Ubud and take you to the finest restaurants for breastfast, lunch and dinner. Along with long rice patty walks, drum sessions, dancing, yoga, meditation, holy waterfall praying or anything else your heart desires from Ubud. Absolutley amazing experience I will never ever forget.

      Laura Pfrunder

      from Australia, April 2018

      "Such a lovely week!"

      Great food, activities and being supported

      Clare Summers

      from Australia, April 2018

      "Had a wonderfull time."

      The whole experience was wonderfull.

      Melissa Stipanicev

      from Australia, November 2017

      "Ubud get away"

      I enjoyed everything from the food, being pampered, walks and yoga. My hosts went out of there way to give me a great experience and I was able to sample many different activities which I wasn't expecting.

      Cristina Alvarez

      from United States, November 2017

      "Perfect Bali Holiday"

      Jelena & Lesya are two amazing individuals who have so much knowledge & positive energy to share! I did an individual retreat for 7 days that was tailored to my wants & needs and it couldn’t have been more perfect! The classes at Yoga Barn are amazing. I even tried a Capoiera class with Madeira (who is also amazing!) and had the best time ever. From all of the delicious healthy food they treated me to, riding around town on the motorbike to see all of Ubud’s beauty, yoga classes, drum lesson/music/dancing, hiking, spa/sauna, conversations about mindfulness and what that means, etc., I couldn’t have asked for a better time with better company! Thank you to Jelena, Lesya & Madeira from 6 Elements for showing me the best time in Ubud!