5 Elements Retreats offers knowledge about the five elements and conducts unique yoga and great adventure programs in Rovinj, Croatia.

Instructors 2

Marin Vayu

Marin is an adventure guide, nature lover, and an instructor in the Five Elements. He has been in the world of yoga for over 15 years, and has been a lecturer on the Five Elements for over eight years. He is also the author of "Dance of the Wind", a novel about yoga inspired by his travels and the Five Elements.

Natali Podner

Natali Podner is a physiotherapist and yoga instructor. In her early 20s, she traveled around the world as a model and she experienced a lifestyle that was beautiful from the outside. Today, she is finding more beauty and peace inside, and she tries to find love in doing small things.

Reviews 18

Iroda Asqarova

from Ukraine, October 2017

"Yoga Adventure retreat in Rovinj"

I liked everything about this place, Marin and Natalie were wonderful to meet and spend time together. The retreat was well organised and managed. Rovinj is a beautiful place to explore and Marin took us to see the best of it.

Also I personally wanted to thank Marin for making me feel confident and comfortable during windsurfing and kayaking, as it was my first time to try these activities out and I do not swim well. It was a great experience.

I wanted to thank Natalie as well for gluing the team together, treating us with her great hospitality and being so wonderful with us. I had a great time!

Cormac Corcoran

from Ireland, September 2017

"Great experience and insight into the five elements. "


Michael John Delaney

from Ireland, September 2017

"My thoughts."

I liked the mix of activites/yoga.

Food was brill.

Lectures and meditation provided a nice counter balance to the activities.

Nice group of well matched people.

Close to town but not "in town"

I liked all the activity afternoons.

I liked the yoga sessions they were a good start to the day even though I may not be the most flexible.

Gowsi Ananthan

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Amazing! Enjoyed everything about it!"

Everything! All adventures, Food, location, hosts, and mostly yoga & meditation! People who I have met in this retreat also made it enjoyable and pleasant.

Michelle Moran

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Five elements yoga retreat"

Marin and Natali who were both hosts and teachers have enabled us to have both a wonderful personal experience as well as a wonderfully relaxing yet exciting holiday.

Natalie is great at teaching yoga in her second language which cannot be easy. The content of the classes perfectly matched the concept of the five elements.

Marin was our guru and delivered thought provoking and inspiring lectures on the five elements and guided us through life changing meditation ( for me personally).

They both served us with delicious home cooked vegetarian food and nothing was too much trouble to make our stay enjoyable.

The activities programme was fun filled, challenging and unique. Marin took us to visit places and people that we would never have experienced if we had visited Croatia by ourselves.

Cheryl Anson

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Exploring the Elements...."

I loved how the yoga and activities were centred around the five elements. Relaxing, exciting & thought-provoking all at once!

The food is up there with the best vegetarian food I've ever tasted and even as a non-veggie, I promise you, you won't go hungry!

Guest house is spotlessly clean and comfortable and has all the facilities you'll need.

Natali & Marin were the perfect hosts and I would recommend the retreat to anyone.

Kayleigh Carr

from Great Britain, July 2017

"Kayleigh' s review "

The guest house was very clean and tidy with regular cleaning times done by Natali herself! All the food was amazing and was freshly prepared everyday by Natali. Marin did lectures everyday on the elements and how this related to the yoga and meditation he is insightful and knowledgeable and his book complements his wisdom. The time effort and preparation that went into the adventure activities was beyond anything I've experienced! The yoga lessons delivered by Natali were active and easy to follow while challenging you mentally and physically. Natali and Marin clearly put their heart and soul into the retreat to ensure you have the most amazing time!

Leon Kuhn

from Sweden, July 2017

"In my element"

Great concept combining the 5 elements with the yoga sessions, activities and at times even the food. All in all a wonderful way to experience both yoga and the surrounding area. The food was excellent and rooms clean. Very relaxed accomodation and hosts. Thanks again Marin and Natali

Erika Boström

from Finland, July 2017

"Thank you so much, had amazing vacation!"

Super super super retreat! Guesthouse is comfy and silent place in a beautiful city of Rovinj. It's was perfect combination of yoga and other activities, we got a change to see such a beautiful places and scnereries. The canyon we went to see, oh my! That place would be great place for a meditation :) Marim and Natalie, it was great to meet you! Your presence is calm and peaceful and you made your effort for us to feel great, thank you so much! The food you prepared was super delicious! Big hug!

Danielle Bromage

from Great Britain, June 2017

"Amazing time at the Five Elements Retreat (Rovinj)"

The combination of relaxation (yoga) and adventure (hiking, cycling and kayaking) was just what I needed....... made even more memorable by the great company of fellow travellers at the retreat :-)

Hartmut Haubrich

from Germany, August 2017

"Tolle Kombi Yoga und Aktivitäten"

Morgens Start mit abwechslungsreichem Yogaprogramm, tolles Frühstück, wir haben einiges über die 5 Elemente und Meditation gelernt, supergute Aktivitäten!

Arjet Stevens

from Netherlands, August 2017

"Wonderful hosts, program, yoga and food. ❤️"

Combination of yoga, activities, informality, and place.

Marin and Natali were also perfect!!

Testimonials 5

Katie Hagen United States

Five Elements Retreats website

After a week of kayaking, windsurfing, hiking, biking and yoga, I left with a big smile on my face, a new appreciation for vegan eating, and great new friends. Thanks!

Iuliia Melian Russia

Five Elements Retreats website

My first thought before I had even started listening to the first lecture was - what am I doing here? But right after the beginning I realized - I’m here to change my life. The whole course of the Five Elements lectures got me thinking about philosophical questions and raised many hidden and uncertain things in my head. I also started doing yoga - and that was an absolutely incredible experience. I not only felt calm and chilled but - I’ve never felt so healthy in my entire life! Thank you Marin for being the best teacher - in the right time and in the right place.

James & Rebecca Australia

Five Elements Retreats website

It was a workout for the senses and a treat for the memory bank! A highlight of our trip!

Diana Canada

Five Elements Retreats website

I was a bit nervous about our windsurfing day. I wasn’t sure I would have the upper body strength or stamina but Marin assured me I would be fine. I am glad he insisted. I must admit as I paddled out in the sunshine looking down in the crystal clear water, how wonderful it felt to be in that moment and I was jittery with excitement. I did it! I had forgotten how good a physical challenge could be and proud to say I did not fall in and I felt the wind in the sail! Thank you Marin!

Rainer Einspunkteins Austria

Five Elements Retreats website

The way of the Five Elements opened my horizon in a positive way. Everything around us is this philosophy and the more you know about it, the easier questions of life are answered.

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