5 Elements Retreats offers knowledge about the five elements and conducts unique yoga and great adventure programs in Rovinj, Croatia.

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Natali Podner

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Victoria Sargent

from Great Britain, September 2019

"This retreat will uplift your spirits"

The whole lot... exciting new experiences/adventures every day, amazing people to connect with, delicious meals, traveling&exploring beautiful hidden little towns near by, philosophy of 5 elements and unique personalities of organisers.

This retreat will uplift your spirits and put a smile on your face;)

Maja Mule

from Serbia, September 2019

"The missing element :)"

Extraordinary yoga, delicious food, phenomenal adventures, all in all an adventure that must be lived :)

Alba Avarello

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Great retreat, I highly recommend it!"

Each day is dedicated to a different element and the retreat feels a bit like a path you do together with other like minded people.

Everything was better than I expected... The whole organisation was very good from the moment of booking to the end of the programme, as well as the care of the guests. I loved Natali's yoga classes, each class was based on a different element and therefore the routine was different everyday. The breakfasts were amazing (thank you Ana!): fresh and homemade, very rich and with different food everyday; basically you could arrive at dinner time without feeling hungry :-)

The adventures were great: we visited beautiful places in combination with some physical activity (kayak, cycling, windsurf, SUP and hiking) and we always stopped for lunch in very nice places with great quality fresh food.

Thank you Marin for sharing your personal experience and knowledge about the 5 elements.

Katrin Zincke

from Germany, July 2019

"Best holiday I had in a long time - so good! "

OMG what DIDN'T I like?! It was wonderful, from the first day to the last, from the calm and spiritual Marin to the bubbly and super-lovely Natali and their mega nice and excellent (!) chefs, from The Best Breakfast Ever(y day!) to all the other things we got to taste with them. And yes, I'm also and especially talking about the activities: The Windsurfing, the spiritual and just-the-right-amount-of-challenging hiking, the kayaking, swimming, Stand-Up-Paddling, cycling - I adored every moment of it. It was just what I needed. Feeling so blessed.

Elvira Nurmukhametova

from Croatia, October 2020

"Everything I could wish for"

My experience with Marin and Natalie was all-around outstanding. They cater for all likes and preferences offering a range of beautiful experiences, which challenge you, make you think and want to change for the better. I went their primarily for the 5 elements insight and found Marin's lectures incredibly inspiring. Being a yoga teacher myself, I always look for new paths and ways to improve my lifestyle and complement yoga practice, this was one of the missing puzzle pieces for me - to see where I am happy with myself, where I am lacking balance and what I should be focusing on more to achieve the equilibrium.

Natali's daily treats were exceptional! She has great passion for cooking delicious and healthy food and it showed in her beautiful creations. First thing in the morning yoga on the beach always set us on a good track for a peaceful and enjoyable day.

Afternoon adventures were a self-discovery to me. I by nature am not an adventurous person, but they showed exactly where I feel 'safe' and where it's good to 'stretch' myself to open up to new things. Thanks Marin for all your patience.

And I can't not mention the people I've met, which made this week complete and greatly enjoyable.

Rovinj is a magic place to experience all this and I am very grateful that I've become part of this incredible journey. Thank you Marin and Natalie for hosting it and sharing your passion and care. Thank you Sybil, Alexia and Felix for joining me on this wonderful path.

Ivellisse Velez

from Germany, August 2020

"Every time I think of Rovinj, I smile"

I loved the accommodations, the incorporation of the five elements into our daily yoga practice, the hosts, the food (delicious and healthy!) and basically everything about this trip!

I am convinced that Natali and Marin add a light to the already bright city of Rovinj. Their hospitality and warmth made us feel like we were a part of the family. Each morning, our group would ride bikes to a nook near the beach and practice yoga for about an hour. Natali was a wonderful guide, and taught me exercises that I have not seen in my 3 years of practice. My favorite part was the incorporation of the Five Elements philosophy to the practice. I appreciated that our day could be optionally packed with adventure, or we could choose to lounge around, read, visit the beach, or my personal favorite, sleep on the futons outside :) Rovinj is filled with opportunities for outdoor activities, so don't sleep too much!

Natali and Marin, thank you for the professionalism and care you dedicate to this retreat. I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Heidi Cole

from Great Britain, August 2020

"Beautiful homely retreat"

This felt like a home from home. So peaceful & you felt like a part of the family. Amazing food & activities along with the free bikes. Natali and Marin make you feel like you’re a part of the family, so kind. Their garden also feels magical too. And wow, Rovinj itself is so so stunning. Spend your time here, not in Pula. So many coves along pine forests leading to the ocean within a 10 min cycle of the house.

Marin’s daily chats about the 5 Elements were amazing too. Thank you it was so wonderful 🙏

Jozef Miskolci

from Slovakia, July 2020

"Truly fulfilling experience"

The whole experience included the spiritual as well as adventure aspect, which I really appreciated. It was a very nice balance between relax and action. The town Rovinj is so picturesque. The quality of the accommodation and the food was extraordinary. They were really trying to use the local and organic food. They were so sweet that they even let us stay one more day for free and rented us the bikes for the whole week for free. That allowed us to explore the whole town and its surroundings. I enjoyed the yoga and windsurfing the most. And the food, of course... The raw cakes ;-) I might appreciate a bit more of meditation, regardless, the whole experience was very worthwhile and I strongly recommend it.

Rebeca Jimebez

from Mexico, October 2019

"Highly recomended"

Yoga class, lecture, food and hosts

Sheila Omahony

from Ireland, September 2019

"Amazing Experience"

The 5 elements retreat was a truly fantastic experience. Marin and Natali are an inspirational couple who made me feel very much at home and went out of their way to help everyone on the retreat. I met many lovely like-minded people and enjoyed lots of new experiences. I hope to implement many of Marin and Natali's practices into my own life.

Katherine Doherty

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Yoga Retreat in Rovinj"

This was our first Yoga Retreat and we had a brilliant experience. The organisation from the moment the Retreat was booked was excellent and continued throughout our holiday. The hospitality, food and accommodation exceeded our expectations. It was a wonderful holiday. We met a fantastic set of people and the yoga and activities were so special it is something we will never forget.

Marin and Natali are wonderful people.

Nathalie Girardin

from France, August 2019

"Wonderful experience ! Great mix between pleasure & yoga "

Quality of food is incredible great ! Thanks to chef Paul

Wonderful experience: new insights, great moments and wonderful encounters

Katie Banfielf

from Great Britain, August 2019

"A perfectly balance retreat with insightful guidance "

When sourcing a suitable retreat we knew that we were not looking for total silence and mindful simple household tasks. We wanted some calm reflection, stretching of our bodies, to learn something about ourselves and others but also to appreciate the beauty of the country and some water sports - 5 elements provided this. Not only did it provide but exceeded our expectations. The cuisine showed that vegetarian cooking can be so varied and was fine cuisine standard. The hosts were generous and accommodating, the space charming and relaxed. Also loved the bike mode of transport which enables you to see so much.

Rebecca Wilkinson

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Most amazing experience"

The food the yoga the activities were fabulous making the week both relaxing, physical and mentally stimulating and you were made to feel like part of a family. The only negative was having to come home!

Louise Toyberg-frandzen

from Denmark, August 2019

"Outstanding and enriching experience! "

There was truly nothing I did not enjoy. Marin and Natali offered a truly amazing experience and I am so grateful to them!

Jake Corke

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Perfect 5 elements."

I loved the whole concept and design of the course. The significance of the 5 elements have been recognized in all cultures all over the world since the early beginnings. I liked the way each day was dedicated to a certain elements. 90 minutes of yoga in the morning followed by the most amazing vegetarian breakfast that anyone could dream of (really amazing food). We then had a philosophical talk and meditation paired with our daily element. A wonderful lunch followed. Then some free time and a daily activity such as kayaking, wind surfing, hiking, boat trips, SUP, etc. Both Marin and Natali were wonderful and caring hosts. The perfect re-introduction to yoga dn meditation for me. I would highly recommend this retreats to all looking for a combination of yoga, meditation and activities. Rovinj is also a beautiful part of the world. The water, climate and old town are all just perfect! Enjoy!


from Great Britain, July 2019

"Perfect balance of yoga/meditation and adventure activities "

A fantastic stay with a range of different yoga styles, different meditations, info about the five elements, really enjoyable adventure activities, delicious food and a beautiful location! Exactly what I needed, Natalie and Marin are great hosts.

Irena Raeva

from Bulgaria, July 2019

Very balanced :) mixture of "food" for mind, body and spirit


from Great Britain, July 2019

"In our element!"

Courteous, professional, skilled and fun hosts. Food was amazing. Yoga very varied and absorbing with new approaches that were enlightening. Natalie’s teaching was gentle and graceful - so inspiring. Adventure activities were really well planned, took us to places we would never usually see, and catered for all fitness levels.


from Sweden, July 2019

"A wonderful place!"

A perfekt mixtur between yoga, meditation and ”adventure”, nice atmosphere, wonderful food and nice caring leaders. Marin shared his thoughts of life with us in a personal way and Natali was an inspirational yoga leader. The vegetarian food was delicious and it was nice to be in a group and get to know people from different countries. Perfect to have your own bike!


from Great Britain, July 2019

"Asana, adventure, meditation and philosophy"

Nice to have a yoga holiday that included philosophy and meditation as well as asana practice. Activities were very enjoyable too. Lovely creative yoga classes.

The retreat centre is basically a house in the suburbs of Rovinj. It is very quiet and pleasant with an outdoor area for eating. You get bikes for the duration which you can use to get to the beach/town (10/15 mins away).

Breakfast and lunch included. Food was varied, pleasant and plentiful. There are supermarkets nearby so if you don't want to go into town to eat in the evening, you can get food from there and prepare it in the outdoor kitchen at the retreat.

Andy Hooke

from Great Britain, July 2019

"A fabulous week with inspiring, friendly and fun hosts."

The warmth of Natali and Marin was evident from the introductory talk, ceremony and the excellent finger buffet. I felt a real sense of welcome and willingness to help.

The daily yoga was based upon the day's theme.This was taken from the 5 elements. i.e. Monday Fire, Tuesday Water, Wednesday Air, Thursday Earth and Friday Spirit. The yoga was taken by Natali, who was able to provide challenges for all levels of experience, whilst ensuring people undertook the practise safely. The yoga sessions lasted for approximately 90 minutes.

An amazing breakfast was served after the yoga. Home made breads, humous, vegetable dishes and preserves were made from local, organic produce presented by the very talented chefs Paul and Naomi.

After the breakfast Marin provided a talk upon the Element of the day. This was always interesting, Marin spoke from the heart, with good humour and opportunity created for discussions. After the talks we took part in meditation ( a first for me) and Marin provided thorough explanation and guidance to ensure that optimum benefit was gained from the session.

Lunch was always excellent, filling and served with joy....again by Paul and Naomi.

The late afternoon adventures took advantage of the lovely, refreshing Adriatic waters. No experience was necessary and real fun was had. I learned to stand up on a windsurfer and paddle board. Snorkelling, kayaking and a hillside hike to a cave were also amongst the adventures. The whole programme was great fun.

Mustafa Alkhowaildi

from Saudi Arabia, October 2018


The place is very tidy and clean.

The breakfast is all natural home made and just so delicious!!

The adventure is so great, the couple really do put so much effort in making this a great retreat.


from United States, September 2018

"Everything was great!"

Retreat was super organised, food was amazing (Iskra congratulations for your cooking:). I loved meditation with Marin, specially the last one with sounds. Lectures about 5 Elements were very interesting and eye opening. Yoga with Natali was super nice as she is very dear and caring person. Overall retreat was exceptional. Thank you Natalie and Marin!!


from United States, September 2018

"Perfect Retreat"

This retreat was exactly what I was looking for. Natali & Marin provided a beautiful space to explore my spirit, the 5 elements, while offering fantastic food, incredible yoga and adventure activities. They are unimaginably kind & fun. A significant part for me was connecting with my fellow retreaters, as we all got along and enjoyed the experience wholeheartedly together. Rovinj is beautiful and this retreat provides a thorough opportunity to see many parts of it.

Carolyn Crafer

from Great Britain, September 2018

"Family Experience"

Absolutely loved everything! Came with my (unwilling) husband, 17 year old son and 26 year old daughter wanting a different sort of family holiday and it had something for everyone. The balance of yoga, meditation and water based activities was perfect. The group size worked really well, you could be sociable or not depending how you felt. We all came away inspired to change our lives, and that's saying something! Plus Nathali gave the best massages ever, and we've had a few!

Dominic Waithe

from Great Britain, August 2018

"This trip really lived up to and exceeded my expectations. "

The range of activities was excellent, so was the food, the yoga and the people. Marin and Natali were excellent hosts, very warm and accommodating. There was very little waiting around, activities were well planned and smooth running. This course was very suitable for people who are reasonably fit, who can cycle, swim, hike etc. My favourite thing was kayaking to an island and then exploring this island and swimming in the surrounding water, before paddling back as the sunset.

Raija Laaksonen

from Finland, August 2018

"A fullfilling experience"

The contents of the retriet was very nice - a good combination of yoga, meditation, theory on the 5 elements and nice activities. If you like the above elements, you cannot find a better option!

Alexandra Helm

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Highly enjoyable week! Thank you!"

Marin and Natali were the most welcoming hosts that you could hope for. I enjoyed starting the day with Natali's yoga session and was interested in the philosophy of the five elements. It proved to be a useful discussion point for the week and I will keep thinking about ideas raised. Breakfast and lunch were veritable feasts. I particularly enjoyed all the activities that brought us close to the water and the heart of Croatia. There was plenty of organised time but also enough unstructured time. We were all happy cycling to get around during our free time. The beach is about 5 mins away by bike and the town was about 10-15 mins. We were encouraged to share evening meals together (a group whatssapp was formed) and one of the many highlights was a visit to an organic vineyard/ olive oil farm where we luxuriated in the sunset, company, good food and wine tastings.... followed by a swim in the moonlight.

Jenna Sullivan

from Australia, July 2018

"Excellent value for money and a wonderful time "

I absolutely loved the daily adventures. Marin put a lot of thought into how to make the adventures exciting and reflective of the local area. eveeything was made easy for us so we could relax and enjoy our time.

Natalie's yoga was a beautiful way to start the day and she was so kind and hospitable. It was great to have each day based on an element.

The food was beyond lovely and we were very well fed. I met a lovely group of people and enjoyed my time very much. Perfect for a solo traveller.

Esther Purkiss

from Ireland, July 2018

"An amazing experience!"

Where to start? The room, I stayed in the fire room, perfect, perfect size, lovely balcony, lovely en suite, spotless! The food, the food! The delicious homemade granola and fresh fruit for breakfast, the bread and homemade jam, the savoury cheese or egg dishes everyday. Then there was lunch; every day a different dish, rice, quinoa, pasta all flavoured with different sauces and spices, different vege burgers, and so much of it, then the sweet dessert after lunch, lemon cheesecake has to be my favourite! The yoga, Natali was amazing, she didnt push us all too much and was so respectful of our different abilities, she knew every day where our aches and pains were and she guided us through yoga so well! The lectures and mediation were brilliant; Marin explained the elements so well and how they relate to life and he was a fantastic guide for our daily meditations. The location, Rovinj is beautiful and being able to hop on the bike and go to the beach or the town was so great, some fantastic local restaurants too! And finally, the adventures, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing, cycling, hiking. I had so much fun doing all the activities, it was great to be outdoors in the elements experiencing all these different activities in such a beautiful place! Thank-you to Natali and Marin for being such wonderful hosts, I will hopefully return soon!

Jeanette Bergh

from Sweden, July 2018

"This was the most amazing retreat!"

Hi had the most amazing week! It was way much better than I expected!

Marin and Natali were so hospitable and took good care of every single person who participated.

The food! Yoga! Meditation! The activities! The garden! Everything has been incredible.

I've been playing for a whole week and laughed so much!

I have so many new experiences and memories. I feel so grateful - Thank you!



Jayne Bailey

from Great Britain, July 2018

"An unforgetable experience in many ways"

Marin and Natalie were very welcoming to my daughter and myself. We immediately felt comfortable on arrival. The expectations of the week were clearly laid out to us in a respectful manner. The week really ran like clockwork, but with a laid back vibe - we all knew where and when we needed to be somewhere and the whole group responded well. Activities were amazing, lecture and meditation was surprisingly interesting and effective and the yoga was energising at the start of the day. As an experienced yogi it was good to have some alternative routines and my daughter as a beginner was able to follow most of the yoga. Having access to bicycles for the duration was great. Rovinj is beautiful, shops were close by and the accommodation was fine.

Michael Anderson

from Croatia, July 2018

"Excellent variety!"

I particularly loved this retreat as it was a more mature group (i.e. not a bunch of partying 20 year olds :) )

It was also great having yoga and meditation in the morning, and doing amazing adventure activities in the late afternoon.

The food was top notch and catered for difficult people like me (vegan and gluten free)

They also weaved in the 5 elements into everything we did. It's really quite well done.

Everything was done with love and care, and it was truly an exceptional experience.

Suzana Brooke

from Qatar, July 2018

"Discovery and exploration of the self through the 5 elements"

The philosophy and concepts were very interesting and easy to implement into daily practices and activities.

Hayley Sulsh

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Life Changing Experience"

Marin & Natali are the most wonderful hosts, teachers & loving people.

From day one I felt relaxed & at home.

Met a wonderful bunch of people from all over the world. So much fun, laughter & learning together.

The mix between yoga, meditation & activities along with free time is perfect. (Especially if you use some of that time receiving a massage from Natali)

There were some very special moments & experiences. This trip has changed my perspective & made me much happier and able to deal with the stresses of life. I will return in a heartbeat.

I must also mention the food. An abundance of beautiful veggie & vegan creations. Thank you Iskra the cook & Natali.

Lucrecia Sandoval

from United States, June 2018

"Balanced, restored and relaxed"

This retreat was superb in so many ways. Marin and Natali are amazing hosts who make you feel at home and go out of their way to meet your needs. The retreat was coordinated wonderfully and we really felt taken care of. We were transported to and from the ferry upon our arrival and departure. The entire retreat was coordinated wonderfully and we thoroughly enjoyed the yoga classes, the meditation sessions, the adventures, the accommodations and the amazing food. We could not have asked for anything more. I'm so grateful for all of the experiences that were available during this retreat and for the wonderful people I had the opportunity to meet.

Jennifer Hutain

from Sierra Leone, June 2018

"An adventure in relaxation"

This was my first yoga retreat and I found it to be the perfect balance between yoga, adventure activities, and doing absolutely nothing. The house is a place of great peace and even sharing a room, I slept so well. The food by Iskra was absolutely incredible and for those with special dietary preferences (vegan, gluten free) she made special. The adventures in the afternoon were my favorite, particularly learning to windsurf, a special love for host Marin. There were bikes always available for going into town or the beach.

Namquyen Le

from United States, June 2018

"A perfect place to reset, relax, and ruminate :)"

Natali and Marin have clearly put a lot of thought and effort into organizing this retreat, and it's very obvious that they care deeply about how everyone is doing and feeling during yoga, meditation, activities, breakfast and lunch. They are extremely receptive to feedback and always try to accommodate everyone's needs.

Natali and Marin are extremely quick to get back to you if you have any questions before booking your retreat, and they are very helpful in making sure that all prior necessities (e.g. booking, transactions, transportation to and from the bus station, etc) are planned for and taken care of.

For scale: this was the first time I have ever done a foreign transaction, and Natali was extremely helpful in confirming and making sure that all of the money was received for the deposit. She also made sure that I was picked up from the bus station in Rovinj even though it was my first time in Croatia and I wasn't familiar with the area, and I had also arrived a day late.

The yoga and meditation were exactly what I needed, and I really liked the different lectures that Marin provided. I also really enjoyed how the activities played into each meditation and element. Biking, kayaking, wind surfing, and hiking were only a the starters of what I consider one of the best experiences I have ever had. Natali, Marin, and everyone who was a part of the retreat truly made this experience special for me – notwithstanding how beautiful Croatia is :)

Julia Bettermann

from Germany, September 2020

"Abwechslungsreiche und wundervolle Woche"

The two hosts (especially Marin) are fully absorbed in the 5-Element Retreat Program. The yoga classes, which are different in content and adapted to the elements, took place outside on the beach. Since the originally booked program did not take place due to the number of participants, we were offered an alternative for two days, so that we could still spend a varied week and enjoy the various adventure excursions. The breakfast Natalie prepared herself is different every day and simply wonderful - no wishes were left unfulfilled. You didn't have to expect to be hungry until late afternoon. The bikes are available around the clock and could be used at any time. There is a fully equipped kitchen where you can store and prepare your own food. If you are lacking something, Natalie was happy to help you out.

Svjetlana Cvijanovic

from Germany, September 2020

"Authentisch und liebevoll, ein perfektes Team!"

Unser Urlaub war wunderschön, die Erwartungen die wir hatten wurden übertroffen. Das Abenteuer, Spirit, die menschliche Freundlichkeit und Wärme hat uns so sehr beeindruckt und inspiriert. Der Service, die Professionalität der Kurse, die Hilfsbereitschaft sind top, wir danken Natalie und Marin, Hvala puno 🙏🙏


from Austria, August 2020

"Beinahe perfekt"

Art der Durchführung

Irene Wielemaker

from Belgium, August 2019

"My first yoga/retreat experience"

The overall picture was right. Rovinj is a beautiful place like in a fairy tale. The accommodation has everything you need. I really liked the bikes which we could use to go to the city/beach whenever we liked. The food was restaurant quality and I really liked the vegan/veggie experience (might try it at home). Marin and Natali immediately make you feel welcome. I’ve learned so much from the lectures and during yoga class but also from the other participants. There was a very good atmosphere in the group. I think the success factor of this retreat is the combination with the activities. I loved each one of them! And I can definately recommand Natali’s massage, she is doing magic with her hands!

Sara Ruiz Chaves

from Spain, August 2019

"100% recommended"

This yoga retreat has been an amazing experience. It's a perfect balance between nice yoga, meditation and water activities to enjoy beautiful croatian's landscape.

During these days I could discover and feel a lot of things about my self, about nature and concerning the other people experiencies.

Thanks a lot to excellents coockers to make us find out such a delicious and healthy food every day.

Thank you very much, Marin and Natalie, for give us the oportunity to life this retreat: fabulous planning,  plenty of nice moments and where any detail was made with love.

It was a wondefull week that I will never forget. ❤

Regula Ulrich

from United States, August 2019

Alles, die grosse Abwechslung, die schöne Landschaft, die lockere Atmosphäre, die netten und friedlichen Kursteiler/innen und Menschen, die

nette Unterkunft und dann die vielen interessanten Yoga und Meditationsstunden.

Anita Pernegger

from Austria, July 2019

"Jeder Tag ein besonderes Erlebnis"

Jeder Tag entsprach einem der 5 Elemente und waren Yoga, Meditation & Abenteuer, ja sogar das köstliche Essen, perfekt darauf abgestimmt. Sehr spannend und erlebnisreich!!

Arlette Mettler

from Switzerland, July 2019

"Ein Urlaub den man nicht verpassen darf."

Mir hat der ganze Urlaub sehr gefallen. Die Gruppe war echt toll.

Natali ist eine unglaublich liebenswerte Person, die auch noch super massieren kann. Eine Frau die man lieben muss.

Marin hat alles super gut organisiert und war immer sehr bemüht um das Wohl aller. Die 5 Elemente waren sehr spannend.

Das Essen war der absolute Traum. Ich habe in meinen ganzen Ferien noch nie so gut gegessen. Absolute Spitze!!


from Germany, June 2019

"sweet retreat"

Natali and Marin are incredibly kind.

The atmosphere of the place is warm and welcoming.

The food was amazing, and you need to try natalis massage skills!

Highly recommanded, especially if you are a (female) first time solo traveller and feel insecure about it- this place gives you the ideal balance between a community feeling (meeting up with other solo travelers) and self time.

Lesley Watson

from Netherlands, June 2019

"Great place/Great people"

Verschillende nationaliteiten deelnemers.

Mooie locatie

Gastvrije eigenaren

Mooie excursies

Prachtig omgeving met ongerepte landschapen

Zwemmen tussen de eilanden

Yoga en meditatie

Lekker eten

Veronika Pichler

from Austria, May 2019

"Herzliche Gastgeber, tolles Haus, wohltuendes Yoga"

Sehr herzlicher Empfang durch Natali und Marin. Schönes Haus mit herrlichem Garten und angenehmem Yoga-Raum. Fahrrad inklusive, man kann damit wunderbar die Gegend erkunden. Hatte einen sehr schönen Tagestrip mit Kayak und SUP. Vielfältiges Frühstück mit vielen selbstgemachten Leckereien - der absolute Hit! :)

Manuela Kallinger

from Germany, September 2018

"I was so happy in the 5 elements retreat, such a nice place!"

Thank you, Marin and Natali, for all you did for me.

You ´ re wonderful people!


from United States, August 2018

"Amazing retreat"

I had a great retreat in 5 Elements. We had different adventures every day, food in the guest house was simply amazing. My room was very clean and comfortable. All activities were safe and well organized. The Rovinj region by itself is very lovely with a clear blue sea water and beautiful landscapes. Thanks to Marin and Natali for the organization

Rosan Breman

from Netherlands, August 2018

"Great retreat"

The five elements retreat was a fantastic experience. The balance between doing things and learning stuff, between doing things and doing nothing is outstanding

edouard Steinthal

from France, August 2018


Tasted every second of my stay like an elixir

Carola Ehret

from Germany, August 2018

Die Yogaeinheiten waren sehr gut, die Nachmittagsaktivitäten waren super! Das Essen sehr lecker und alles mit viel Liebe zubereitet. Nette, sehr engagierte Kursleiter!!!

Marcello Gariglio

from Switzerland, July 2018

"Entspannende Woche"

Sehr gute Programm. Feines Essen. Tolle und professionelle Yoga-, Meditations- und Sportessions.

Alles in allem ein sehr gelungener Aufenthalt.

Marlies Naeyaert

from Belgium, June 2018

I've had the opportunity to stay 2 more days in the lovely guesthouse and reflect over the past week. It has been an amazing experience for body, mind and stomach :) The passion and professionalism of Marin and Natali is unseen, whether it is yoga, massage, meditation, supporting the sports activities, cooking.... I really liked the balancing of the more 'quiet' activities and the sports, suitable for every level. Being with them and the whole group gave me new insights and great talks with like-minded people, but also a lot of fun and laughter. The nature around is stunning and we discovered great places: small islands, hiking in the wild...Definitely will come back again to get more of these experiences!