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38 Degrees North

38 Degrees North provides the space, time, and experiences to help you reset your coordinates. They offer corporate and executive holidays in Ibiza and Cornwell.

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I really needed a week away after a few stressful weeks at home. Felt out of shape and in need of some focus.

The 38 degrees North team totally nailed it for me. Beautiful location and a super team combined to make one of the best weeks of my life.

Quite often fitness trainers are very cliched and obsessive but Rob was gentle but persuasive and very inspirational. I lost a kilo of body fat in five days!! Truly professional and a brilliant schedule of different activities which constantly kept it interesting. Recommend this 100%!!

I completely reset my coordinates!


TripAdvisor website

I live a very busy and hectic work and social life which can get exhausting. I wanted something that I would genuinely feel better about in my mind and body.

This did everything I expected for me!

The founder and Trainer's were very well informed and skilled offering their expertise throughout. I joined the Body Reset programme in Ibiza...and it turned out to be just what I needed!

The hotel is located in a beautiful surrounding right next to the coats and marina and local town.The facilities are second to none here at the accommodation in Ibiza (Particularly the spa!!) and the programme was very enjoyable to get through in the end (although seemed daunting at first).

This was my first experience of a fitness retreat and my first visit to Ibiza and both very good. Well worth it, and I got everything I wanted from it, from learning about nutrition, to fitness to SUP and to listening to what is good for my body. A very good mix of high intensity fitness and relaxation techniques to workshops that would help in all area's of my life like meditation, recovery and correct posture, etc. Definitely worth the money and feel revitalised and ready to continue when I came back home.

The best thing about this-I found was that the Trainer Claire really listened and helped me get the the most out of my experience here,

Have already been recommending this friends back home and would definately look to do this more frequently!

Thank you Guys!

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